Myths about single Chinese women debunked

China is a large country with an ancient culture that goes back thousands of years, so it only makes sense that a number of myths about single chinese women exist.  In fact, some of these common misconceptions are so widely known that it can be hard to separate fact from fiction for some people.


Before you start dating single chinese women, you should be aware of these common myths.

  • All Chinese women are short.  China is a very large country and the genetic make-up of its people varies across the regions.  Yes, there are plenty of short Chinese girls, but this is true in just about every country.  It is interesting to note that the population in the south tends to be shorter in general than the population in the north.
  • All Chinese women are submissive.  If you are looking for a girl who will bend to your every whim, you might be disappointed.  Once you really get to know them, you will find that most Chinese women aren’t subservient or submissive at all.  In fact, they are quite strong-willed and opinionated!  Chinese women are very feminine, but femininity and submission should not be confused.
  • All Chinese women want to leave China.  There are more than 600 million women living in China, and if they all wanted to leave, that number would probably be a lot smaller.  Some Chinese women do want to move out of China, but isn’t this true of any country?  Some women are adventurous and want to see the world.  Chinese women are no different.

All Chinese women are gold-diggers.  Women interested in men only for their money and status exist in every country – and yes, there are some in China.  However, most Chinese women are looking for love just like you.  In China, it is not considered rude or taboo to discuss material things or how much money you make.

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