Saying “I love you” and Asian singles

You signed up online to meet and date Asian singles, and now you’ve finally met that special someone.  You think you’re in love!  Now all you need to do is tell her about your feelings.


Saying “I love you” can be scary, exciting, and life changing, especially when that person loves you back.  Saying these three little words to Asian singles isn’t much different from saying them to anyone else.  How should you take the plunge?

There are a number of ways you can do this, but you might not want to just blurt it out.  Here are some fun ideas you might consider:

  • Be funny.  You fell in love with her because she’s funny and charming, right?  Why not add a little humor to your special message?  For example, make a fun analogy showing how much you care.  Can’t live without sugar in your tea?  Let her know that’s how you also feel about her!
  • Put it in writing.  No, we don’t mean a contract!  Spell it out in rose petals on the living room floor or sketch the words in the sand.  A love message delivered in this way is particularly romantic and memorable.
  • Flash mob, anyone?  If you’re into the latest trends, try a flash mob in a very public place.  However, this might take a lot more planning and cause a lot more embarrassment than you anticipate.
  • Fine art.  Do you have a creative side?  Incorporate your love into your art.  Put it into a painting or photograph.  For a fun twist, do a play on words using images to tell her exactly how you feel.

Just remember, when you first tell her you love her, you’re going to be nervous.  This is normal.  It might help to keep in mind that she’s probably just as nervous as you are.

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