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K-1 visa makes it easier to marry single Asian women

Men who want to marry single Asian women must do a little more than simply meet the right girl and fall in love in order to live out their dreams.  Citizenship issues often come up, which is why it is important to know about the K-1 visa.

Fiancee visa

The K-1 visa is the answer to the prayers of men who want to marry single Asian women.  The fiancée K-1 non-immigrant visa is for the foreign-citizen fiancée of an American citizen.  This visa allows the person to come to the United States and marry her fiancé within 90 days of arrival.  After the marriage, the foreign citizen will need to apply for an adjustment of her status to become a permanent resident.  Children of K-1 visa applicants will receive K-2 visas if they are eligible.

This is a rather simple process.  Of course, there are a few legal requirements stipulated by U.S. immigration law.  For example, both the American citizen and the foreign-citizen fiancée must be legally free to marry when the petition is filed and remain as such afterward.  The marriage must also be legally possible according to the laws in the state where the marriage will take place.

Typically, the visa is not issued to couples that have not met in person, and the meeting must have taken place in the past two years for it to count.  In extreme situations, exceptions have been made, although a petition must be filed.