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When a Chinese dating site inspires interest in art

When someone signs up for a Chinese dating site, a lot can happen. The potential for love and romance is boosted. Moreover, the opportunity to learn about an amazing culture is presented, and many Westerners are opened up to the wonderful world of Chinese art.

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If you belong to a Chinese dating site and are interested in art, you might be fascinated to hear that Chinese artists are actually representing Kenya at this year’s Venice Biennale. Even if you don’t have an online dating profile, this may be news that you want to hear!

The Venice Biennale is an international art exhibition that is frequently dubbed “the Olympics of modern art” and takes place every two years. If you happen to attend this year, you’ll notice that the Kenyan pavilion consists of mostly Chinese artists. Say what?

It’s simple, really. Around 30 countries have a permanent slot at the Venice Biennale, and about 50 others have applied for their own exhibition spaces, also known as pavilions. Two years ago, Kenya had its first pavilion. This year, they will allow mostly Chinese nationals to exhibit their work.

Most of these artists have never been to Kenya – or even Africa – and very few of them reference the country or continent in their work. Some well-known Chinese artists will be displaying their work, including Li Gang, Qin Feng, Li Zhanyang, and Lan Zheng Hui. This isn’t new for Kenya; their 2013 pavilion also consisted mostly of Chinese artists.

While this might be a source of controversy for Kenyan artists, it bodes very well for Chinese artists because they are displaying their work at one of the most important international art exhibits in the world.

The art of Ai Weiwei and Chinese dating

Staying abreast of Chinese current events is a good way to help you to develop a good conversational basis with a Chinese woman you have met online…


One interesting story is about what happened at a Miami art exhibit of China’s Ai Weiwei’s work: Weiwei is one of China’s most famous artists, and he is also known for his political points of view, some of which he has even been imprisoned for.  He also happened to design the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  Weiwei is not just an artist but also a documentarian, designer, and sculptor who often uses his art to shed light on the many injustices he believes are taking place in China.

The Perez Art Museum in Miami (PAMM) featured an exhibit of Weiwei’s work but apparently Maximo Caminero, another artist from Florida, wasn’t so happy about the show.  Caminero was so upset that the international artist was “stealing” museum space from locals that he smashed a vase from Weiwei’s exhibit.  That vase also happened to be about 7,000 years old and worth around $1 million.

Caminero will pay $10,000 to Weiwei and ultimately serve 100 hours of community service, consisting of teaching kids to paint, as well as his 18-month probation period.  He could have been required to serve five years in jail, but PAMM decided to waive that punishment.

Hopefully, this news story gives you a good excuse to learn a little more about Weiwei’s art and will provide you with excellent fodder for conversation in your Chinese dating adventures!