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Visiting China to meet Asian women? Tips for leaving

If you’re talking to a few Asian women living in China that you’d like to meet, there are some things you need to know about leaving the country.  You are probably already aware that you need a passport and a visa to get into China, but did you know that there are also rules about leaving?

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When it comes to leaving China, you must have a valid visa and passport, just like you needed upon arrival.  If your visa expired or you lost your passport while visiting China, you won’t be permitted to leave.  Depending on where you are in the country, it could take up to a week to get the visa replaced, so be sure to pay attention to the dates on your visa.

If you happen to lose your passport, you will need to replace not only the passport but also your visa.  The first step is always to report your passport as lost or stolen to Chinese authorities and then follow the steps for getting a replacement.  Remember to do this in the city in which you lost the passport or you might run into complications. Depending on where you are, you will either need to visit the local police department or the Entry/Exit Bureau.

You might already know that if you are visiting China, you are required to register your place of residence for the visit with the local authorities unless you’re staying at a hotel, in which case the staff will do this for you.  If you happen to only be passing through China in your travels to meet Asian women, you don’t need to register or get a longer visa as you will be there for less than 24 hours and stay within the airport.

Lost in Translation: Asian dating

When it comes to Asian dating, there can often be a huge culture clash when it involves a Chinese woman and a Western man.

If Asian dating is something that interests you, either at home, in China, or even online, you should probably know that there is no real translation for the word ‘dating’ in Mandarin.  So, translating ‘dating’ or ‘date’ from English to Chinese usually means nothing more than an appointment or meeting.  Often, the romantic connotation is lost in the translation.

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When you think about it, dating is really a subjective term, anyway.  But, what does this mean when dating a Chinese woman?  How do you keep things on track and heading in the right direction?

In most countries, going on a date usually means that there is at least an inkling of romantic interest in each other.  In mainland China, this is not always the case – and this can also happen when attempting to date a woman that has emigrated from China to a Western culture.  Why does this happen?

In China, platonic friendships between men and women are quite common.  Some people may find this refreshing, but if you are interested in dating a Chinese woman, it is important to understand this aspect of her culture.  In fact, Chinese women often go out with their male friends – who pay for their meals, movies, and entertainment – without any romantic feelings whatsoever.

The key to combatting this potentially embarrassing – and frustrating – situation is to learn as much about the Chinese culture as possible before you start dating.  It also helps to be completely upfront and honest – if you like her, tell her so.  But remember, if you’ve met a woman through an online dating site, chances are she’s thinking about romance, also!