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Asian Dating

Choosing among Asian singles dating sites

When it comes to dating, lots of people have a specific type of person in mind, which is why there are specialized services such as Asian singles dating sites.  These sites allow like-minded people find others they can relate to and possibly even find romance.

Asian dating sites

With so many different Asian singles dating sites to choose from, how does one decide?

Individuals who want to have the best chance of success need to use a reputable, well-established dating site.  Good dating sites are safe, trustworthy, and secure.  They are well organized and offer an optimal dating experience.  It doesn’t hurt to participate in a free trial if one is available.  This can be a great way to get a taste of the site’s quality.

Another factor to consider when selecting a dating site is its ease of use. A user-friendly dating site is easy to navigate, which tends to lead to a large base of members who visit the site frequently.  Remember, the more members, the better the likelihood of finding a match.

Specialized dating websites catering to Asians are a great way for people from similar cultural backgrounds to meet.  However, these dating sites are also a good way for people of other cultures to meet those from an entirely different world, which can be a truly rewarding experience.

Success in this quest all comes down to doing a little research and checking things out for yourself.  Online dating sites are great for people who want to find a long-term relationship, casually date, or even find new friends.  Good luck!

Asian dating and mixed marriages

Although Asian dating and mixed marriages seem pretty commonplace today, this wasn’t always the case.  In fact, such relationships have historically been frowned upon in mainland China.

The Chinese culture has always been very different from that of most countries in the West.  Several decades ago, public displays of affection and discussions of sex were both punished and thought to be Western spiritual pollution.

Rings with roses

In the past, families would often disown children who dated or married a foreigner, especially if that foreigner happened to be an American, and social isolation was the norm in these cases.  It was not unheard of for universities to expel students for dating or marrying non-Chinese individuals.

It is important not to let the history of Asian dating and mixed marriages deter you.  Although it has been a long, bumpy road, the number of Chinese women marrying foreign-born men has gradually risen over time.  A revolution of sorts has taken place that has changed the way people dress and how they display their affection, and inhibitions about sex have diminished.

What many Chinese people are learning is that a mixed marriage is a great opportunity to travel, learn about other cultures, and explore the world.  Speaking English in China is also grounds for higher pay and more job opportunities.

Despite these cultural setbacks that are slowly going away, there is one thing to remember: follow your heart!

Making the first date with Asian women easier

If you want some tips on making the first date with Asian women a little easier, you’re in luck!  Almost everyone feels a little nervous when going on a first date with any woman, so you’re not alone.

First date

We have put some great tips together to make your first date with Asian women go a little more smoothly, so relax and have fun!

  • Make plans.  If you are in the same area, touch base to find out what she might want to do.  This way, some of the guesswork is taken out of the equation.  If you are traveling to China to meet her, it is even more important to have some sort of plans laid out.
  • Stay simple.  Everyone loves a romantic first date, and some Chinese women love to get swept off their feet.  However, a complicated plan can be stressful, so keep it simple for the first time.  Plan something fun such as dinner, a movie, or a festival.
  • Don’t sweat it.  As hard as it is to remember, the first date really isn’t a big deal.  It is really just two people getting to know each other while doing something fun.  Keep this in mind and it will make it easier to get through the evening.
  • Just be yourself.  Although she’s already got an idea of who you are and what you like to do based on your profile and online conversations, she still doesn’t know you.  The key is to remember to be yourself and things will work out.
  • Focus on her.  On the date, don’t talk about yourself unless she asks.  It’s a good time to focus on her and concentrate on what she’s saying.  You’ll thank us later!

Good luck!

Asian dating: tips for visiting China

If you are interested in Asian dating, you might eventually travel to China.  Traveling to China is a great way to become accustomed to the country’s rich and historic culture, and it will also allow you to spend time with someone you have met online.


However, taking a trip to China can rattle even the worldliest of travelers.  This is completely understandable because China is a huge country with many different languages, dialects, and subcultures.

In an effort to make your visit to China as rewarding as your Asian dating efforts, we’ve put together some tips you might find helpful:

  • Pay attention to currency protocol. This might be a challenge, but do a little research before you go.  For example, in Shanghai, don’t use large denominations of paper money for taxis if you can avoid it; they prefer coins.  In the Northern and Western regions, they usually prefer paper money.
  • Learn how to order rice.  Impress your Chinese girlfriend by ordering rice the right way.  In China, rice isn’t usually served with the meal in restaurants.  Instead, it is considered a cheap way to fill up at the end of the meal.  If you want your rice with the meal, be clear by saying “mifan mashang”, which means, “rice right away.”
  • Bring your own toilet paper.  It is rare to find toilet paper in public restrooms throughout China.  Bring your own.
  • Beware of breakfast.  Except for internationally branded hotels and large cities, most hotel breakfasts in China cater to the locals.  This is fine if you love pickles and congee in the morning.  Bring your favorite cereal with you or find some fruit if the local breakfast does not appeal to you.
  • Don’t worry; they’re not really angry.  Chinese people like to converse very passionately, which might appear to a Westerner as though they are arguing.  In most cases, this isn’t what’s happening.
  • Need someone who speaks English?  People under the age of 25 are more likely to speak both English and standard Mandarin in addition to one of the many Chinese dialects.