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Asian dating during the Chinese New Year

If you’re into Asian dating, you might also be celebrating the Chinese New Year. In an effort to make the most of this festive time, a number of restaurants are offering special menus and events throughout the United States.

Homemade Asian Vegeterian Potstickers

If you are going to be in the Beverly Hills area and doing a little Asian dating, why not stop by Hakkasan Beverly Hills? The restaurant will be offering special delicacies and a wishing tree in honor of the Chinese New Year through Sunday, March 1st.

As you might already know, the Chinese New Year is a time of feasting and fun. The dishes prepared for this event are meant to bring good luck and good fortune for the coming year. Inspired by the Chinese New Year, Hakkasan Beverly Hills is offering a special eight-course menu that includes the likes of Sha cha mock duck with cloud ear, bamboo shoot, and celery as well as abalone and dry scallop fried rice. The kumquat wishing tree is a great way to leave your hopes and dreams to come true.

Hakkasan Beverly Hills isn’t the only place in the L.A. area that is offering a special Chinese New Year menu. Shanghai Rose in Studio City and Patina at Walt Disney Concert Hall will also be celebrating, although the foods they offer will be unique to their establishments.

Wherever you choose to go, have a Happy Chinese New Year!

Fifty shades of Asian dating

Are there fifty shades of Asian dating? Probably. If you are a fan of the erotic book Fifty Shades of Grey written by E.L. James, chances are you already know that the film is due out this week.


Fifty Shades of Grey caused quite the uproar throughout the United States when it first hit the shelves. Some libraries refused to add it to their collection while some bookstores wouldn’t even sell it. With all this excitement, how did things pan out in China?

Believe it or not, China has quite the Fifty Shades following despite the fact that the film has been deemed too taboo to be shown in the Chinese mainland. The book itself has never been officially translated or published in China, but readers can access it by reading digital versions obtained via e-commerce platforms.

Despite all the so-called scandal surrounding the book – the story features bondage and strong sexual themes – many readers were actually disappointed by the book. However, Chinese readers are very excited about the upcoming movie, which stars Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele.

Although it won’t be playing in mainland China, it will be playing in Hong Kong, so if Asian dating has brought you to the area this week, why not check out the movie?

Asian dating? Read up on The Seventh Day

Whether you’re into Asian dating or just enjoy dating in general, you will need to come up with some interesting conversation topics. Depending on the type of girl you like, you might need to stimulate her intellect by discussing the latest books.

Young woman reading a book lying in a hammock

Well, we’ve got one for you: The Seventh Day by Yu Hua. You might remember Hua’s previous collection of short stories, Boy in the Twilight, about a dim-witted man who can barely remember his own name.

Hua’s latest work, The Seventh Day, offers a playful – sometimes dark and disturbing – look at modern China. The novel follows Yang Fei, a recently deceased 41-year-old man who has been instructed to attend his own funeral, which he ultimately skips.

Through the 213 pages, we see Fei meet other recently deceased individuals on his quest to find his father. Along his journey, we also get a glimpse of how his life was: incredible, sad, lonely, and so much more.

The book is a challenge for many readers because of its complex structure, but it also subtly touches on issues seen all to often in modern China: wanton greed in an increasingly consumerist society, social divides, and nepotism. However, it also shows China in all its glory: the kindness of its people, its beauty, and its culture.

If you’re an intellectual and into Asian dating, Hua’s latest book might be right up your alley. It will certainly make for some really interesting conversation!

Asian dating and American Christmas traditions

Part of the fun of Asian dating is sharing our cultures with each other, and the truth is that some of our cultural practices are quite entertaining! For example, consider the phenomenon of movies and Chinese food on Christmas.

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Although this odd tradition is primarily observed by American Jews on the birthday of Jesus, many non-Jews have started to join in. This entails exactly what it sounds like: you go to see a movie and eat at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas. The tradition has even been iconized in holiday movies like A Christmas Story.

Although the movies and Chinese food tradition isn’t a formal thing, it is a fun aspect of American culture and something that you might want to share with someone. It could actually be a fun way to introduce your Chinese girlfriend to American Christmas traditions, especially if she happens to be visiting during the holiday season.

You could also take the more traditional route and take her ice-skating, holiday shopping, and Christmas caroling. These are other traditions that she might have seen in Western films.

Remember that Asian dating is all about finding love, having fun, and learning about each other. Introduce your lucky lady to some fun and interesting aspects of your culture, and she’ll be sure to return the favor by showing you some wonderful aspects of her culture!

What’s your favorite wacky Christmas tradition?