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Asian Dating

Transitioning from Asian dating online to face-to-face dating

If you’ve been corresponding with a woman through an Asian dating online service for a good while, the subject of meeting in person is likely to come up.

Online Dating

When is the best time to take this big step?  Is there ever a time that is too soon or too late?

Typically, it is a good idea to start making plans for your first “in person” date once the two of you have been corresponding for about six months to a year.  At this point, the two of you should have a good idea about each other and feelings will have usually become stronger.  This is the perfect time to meet face-to-face for a couple of reasons.

You want to “strike when the iron is hot” because Asian dating online is a little different from traditional dating; there are plenty of uncertainties when you correspond with someone over the Internet.  You might be communicating with the love of your life, but if you don’t act on it at the right time, you might miss your chance, especially since the two of you are so far apart.  If you wait too long to meet in person, one of you might start considering other choices.  After all, you haven’t even met yet!

Another issue is that too much online correspondence might create high expectations or a burnout and result in negative feelings when you do finally meet.  Corresponding for an indefinite amount of time might make one of you feel as though you are simply pen pals rather than romantic partners.  This can be disappointing.

Therefore, if you’ve been dating online for anywhere between six months to a year, this is the time to start discussing your first meeting in person.  Good luck!

Is there such a thing as submissive Asian dating?

In recent years, Asian dating has become highly desired by many American men.  Is this phenomenon due to growing tolerance in society and an increasing acceptance of diversity, or is it because of the stereotype that all Asian women are submissive and subservient?


The short answer is that both explanations have some merit.  Interracial relationships, especially those from Asian dating, are more prevalent than ever, and such relationships are quite common.  In fact, many of these relationships lead to marriages and long, happy lives together.  However, some people might argue that the stereotype of the submissive Asian woman has helped contribute to this prevalence.

For those who are unfamiliar with the aforementioned stereotype, some people believe that Asian women are meek, innocent creatures who will do anything that a man requests.  The stereotypical role is that they serve their husbands and make sure that he comes first – never arguing and always serving.  This stereotype is emphasized in film and television, but is it really accurate?

The truth of the matter is that Asian women are not one-dimensional characters whose every action is decided by what a man tells them to do.  Asian women are strong and beautiful, and they all have their own thoughts and opinions.  In fact, some of them are so strong-willed that they seem to be the polar opposite of the type of woman the stereotype implies!

Do parents influence Asian singles dating choices?

There are some fundamental differences in Asian singles dating compared to dating among Westerners, but with a little knowledge, the experience can be a lot more rewarding.  China is a country steeped in history, culture and tradition, so it makes sense that these elements would come together in the romance department.


One topic that often comes up is the role that parents play in Asian singles dating.  Not every family follows the old tradition, but it is common for parents to have a say in traditional Chinese families.


Traditionally, Chinese parents want their daughters to marry older men.  Status and image are important in this culture, and older men have had the chance to establish this.  There does seem to be a double standard, as Chinese men are not expected to marry older women.


According to custom, the ethnic background of a potential mate does play a role.  Although this is not always the case today, many Chinese families object to racial differences when it comes to romantic relationships.  In fact, marrying someone from another race might be considered disgraceful.

Social status

In China, it is very important to “save face” and many still believe that the actions of one relative reflect on the family as a whole.  Therefore, dating the wrong person – or even associating with an unsavory individual – can bring disgrace and embarrassment to the entire family.  Chinese parents also usually prefer that their children date people who are already known to them through family and friends.

Because family is such an important aspect of the Chinese culture, it is not surprising that even in these modern times, parents can still influence who their children date and marry.  This sense of custom and respect can make it very hard for a Chinese person to go against his or her family’s wishes.

Dynamics of Asian dating and courtship

The dynamics of Asian dating and courtship can be quite interesting, especially when you know very little about Chinese culture.  When it comes to dating in the United States and dating in China, things are a little different.

internet dating

Casual dating is pretty common in the West, but this is not the case in China.  In fact, for those born before 1970, their experience in Asian dating was with their spouse only.  Things have gradually changed over the years, particularly among those attending college in international cities, but not as much as you might think.  Many Chinese women are still not used to the notion of casual, serial dating.

In China, potential mates are selected based on how a girl feels about the guy.  This might not sound so different, but her decision is based on her view of his age, education level, earning potential, temperament, personality, and ability to provide for her and her family.  It is also unusual for a Chinese girl to meet or spend time with a guy alone. Group settings are the norm unless she is completely sure of her feelings.  If you meet someone online, you may need to be aware of this and prepare for a few group dates.

Much of the time, if either a Chinese man or woman is interested in someone, he or she will have a mutual friend set up a group dinner where they all can meet and spend time together.  It’s almost like a matchmaking game.  If this dinner goes well, each person might begin to view the other as a potential marriage partner.  After this initial meeting, if the girl agrees to go out with the guy again, she’s formally acknowledging him as a viable marriage candidate.  Third dates typically indicate a mutual interest in marriage.

Western men need to be keenly aware of these cultural nuances when travelling to China to meet someone they have met online or even when dating a Chinese woman in the U.S.