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Are today’s Asian singles traditional Chinese women?

A frequently asked question among Western men is whether or not today’s Asian singles are anything like the traditional Chinese woman.  The truth is that there is no clear-cut answer.

Chinese women 1

China has an ancient culture and a long history, and many women do respect their cultural heritage.  However, that doesn’t mean that Asian singles of today aren’t also completely modern, despite having deeply traditional roots.
So, what is a traditional Chinese woman?  Historically speaking, men have been seen as the center of the family as China has a traditionally patriarchal society.  Dating back to the time of Confucius, ancestral rites and familial ties were highly favored and women’s roles were seen primarily as kinship roles such as wife, mother, daughter, sister, and so on.  Within these traditional roles, women were expected to comply with the wishes of the men in their lives.  This meant they obeyed their fathers when they were unmarried, their husbands, and then their sons if they ever became widowed.

In later centuries, the roles shifted slightly and the roles of men and women were seen in terms of yin (women) and yang (men).  Women, as yin, were seen as receptive, passive, soft, and tranquil while men were the dominating opposite.  It is important to note that in this traditional sense, it is not a social separation between men and women, but rather a natural one; the universe has two forces that complement each other completely.

It is these basic principles from which the premise of the “traditional Chinese woman” hails.  While many people still hold these views sacred, the modern Chinese woman is a much more authoritative force than ever before – in a good way!

Using an Asian singles site? Avoid international dating scams

Using an Asian singles dating site can be a great way to meet new people and maybe even find the love of your life.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where internet fraud is prevalent.  That’s why you need to be vigilant when dating online.

Online Dating

As long as you pay attention, it is easy to avoid falling prey to an international dating scam when using a website to meet Asian singles.  In most cases, the people you are interacting with are going to be genuine and are participating in the online experience to meet someone like you.

Just to be on the safe side, here are some things to watch out for.

  • Hungry for money.  You’ve been communicating with the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on and have been exchanging messages fairly consistently.  Suddenly, she’s spinning a story of hardship – a local disaster or an illness in her family.  You want to be the guy that helps her out.  Unfortunately, this is a pretty common online dating scam, so be wary of anyone who asks for – or leads you to offer – considerable amounts of money.
  • Identity theft.  You probably already know about the many different phishing scams that are out there – official-looking messages that trick people into revealing sensitive financial and personal information.  When dating online, do not reveal any personal details that could be used to drain your bank account.  Always be on the lookout for phishing attempts, which can come via chat, email, or even web conferencing!
  • Model shots.  Some people do upload professional photos to their online dating profile, but that isn’t the norm.  If you notice a particularly beautiful picture – something that seems like a pro shot it – there is a chance that it is a stock photo from a modeling agency.  Sometimes, con artists pretend to be someone they are not to extort money from their victims.

The good news is that the majority of online dating interactions are not a scam; people really have found true love via the internet!  If you think you want that chance, just keep these basic “red flags” in mind and get started today!

Getting started with dating Asian singles

Every year, thousands of people meet their romantic partners on dating websites, so if you’re thinking about dating Asian singles online, you are definitely not alone!  Getting started is easy, but online dating is an entirely different animal from dating in person.  Here are some helpful hints to get you started.


Protecting your privacy

When dating Asian singles online, it is easy to remain anonymous to other users until you are ready to reveal yourself.  This provides a level of security and privacy.  Additionally, you’ll want to keep your personal contact information such as your home address, email address, last name, and phone number out of your profile.  Save that information for when you are ready to meet.

A good trick is to set up an email address that can be used exclusively for online dating.  This way, it becomes easy to quarantine any unwanted email.  Just remember to keep your passwords private and difficult to guess.

Avoiding problems

Always be sure to ask a lot of questions when communicating with someone online, and when you do, pay attention!  Stay alert for inconsistencies, which are always red flags, and be very wary if you ever get a request for money.  Take note of anything suspicious.  Remember that if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Most online dating services provide a way to report unsavory behavior or possible scams.  If you’ve come across something like this and you aren’t sure how to proceed, simply check out the FAQs.

Choosing among Asian singles dating sites

When it comes to dating, lots of people have a specific type of person in mind, which is why there are specialized services such as Asian singles dating sites.  These sites allow like-minded people find others they can relate to and possibly even find romance.

Asian dating sites

With so many different Asian singles dating sites to choose from, how does one decide?

Individuals who want to have the best chance of success need to use a reputable, well-established dating site.  Good dating sites are safe, trustworthy, and secure.  They are well organized and offer an optimal dating experience.  It doesn’t hurt to participate in a free trial if one is available.  This can be a great way to get a taste of the site’s quality.

Another factor to consider when selecting a dating site is its ease of use. A user-friendly dating site is easy to navigate, which tends to lead to a large base of members who visit the site frequently.  Remember, the more members, the better the likelihood of finding a match.

Specialized dating websites catering to Asians are a great way for people from similar cultural backgrounds to meet.  However, these dating sites are also a good way for people of other cultures to meet those from an entirely different world, which can be a truly rewarding experience.

Success in this quest all comes down to doing a little research and checking things out for yourself.  Online dating sites are great for people who want to find a long-term relationship, casually date, or even find new friends.  Good luck!