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Asian Singles

Insider tips on dating single Asian women

If you are looking for some insider tips on dating single Asian women, you’ve come to the right place.  Although China is a huge country with many different regions and ethnic groups, their heritage is based on a common culture and value system that puts a lot of emphasis on family, honor, and hard work.

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For men who don’t know much about the culture and customs, dating a Chinese woman might seem a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some insider tips to help you make the most of the experience:

  • The parents.  Chinese parents are not unlike Western parents; they want the best for their children and have high expectations.  However, when it comes to Chinese dating, there is a little more parental pressure to find the ideal mate.  Most parents emphasize the importance of a respectable career, financial stability, and a good upbringing.
  • Stereotypes.  Thanks to the media, a lot of American guys have certain stereotypes in their heads about dating single Asian women.  Not all Chinese women are submissive and live to serve their men.  These are modern women, after all.  Don’t fall prey to blatant generalizations about the culture and customs.
  • Dating practices.  Just like in any culture, having things in common makes dating a bit easier.  Sharing in basic upbringing, food, and traditions is always a good way to make a connection, but it isn’t the only way.  If you want to date a Chinese woman, make the effort to learn about her culture.
  • Interracial dating.  Contrary to popular belief, Chinese women are not against dating men of different races.  The respect and honor that the Chinese require of anyone is a two-way street.  With mutual appreciation, a little patience, and a lot of understanding, cultural obstacles can be overcome.

Marrying Asian singles in China

Asian singles, even those dating American citizens, often end up getting married in China.  So, if you are dating someone you’ve met online and is from China, you will want to read on for some helpful information about getting married in China.

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Residency required

The first thing to understand is that foreigners cannot get married in China unless one of the people is a legal resident of the country.  If you are simply dating someone of Chinese descent but isn’t a resident, you won’t be able to obtain a marriage license.

Required documents

Registration for marriage in China differs throughout the different cities, townships, and provinces, which means that the documents you may be required to provide will likely vary.  However, U.S citizens hoping to get married in China must provide the following items:

  • Valid passport with a valid Chinese visa.
  • An Affidavit of Marriageability, or a Single Statement, must be notarized and provided.
  • Verification of divorce, annulment decree, or death certificate if you’ve been married before.
  • Three photographs of you and your loved one in front of a red background.
  • Registration fee.

Marriage restrictions

Believe it or not, there are some rules pertaining to which Asian singles can get married and which ones can’t!  Some Chinese citizens, such as security officials and diplomats, are not permitted to marry foreigners.  They can, however, marry other Chinese citizens.  Additionally, Chinese students are allowed to get married to foreigners, but some schools do have rules that require such students to be expelled.

What’s different about dating single Asian women?

As you may have already figured out, dating single Asian women is often a little different than dating single white women, partially because China is a very old nation with thousands of years of continuous tradition.

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Though the basics of dating are pretty much the same, there are quite a few things that are different about dating single Asian women.  Here are some examples:

  • When dating begins.  In China, college entrance examinations are top priority, so dating is typically not tolerated among high school students.  This doesn’t mean that Chinese women don’t have teenage crushes; it just means that they enter college with a lot less romantic experience than women in other countries.
  • There’s a purpose.  In China, people tend to take a very pragmatic approach to dating.  Often, dating isn’t as much about finding a soul mate as it is about finding a marriage partner that meshes with one’s ideals and stability.
  • Parents are involved.  Though all parents are different, in China, they are often more involved in their children’s romantic relationships.  In the United States, this is often seen as meddling, but in China, it is sometimes welcomed.
  • In the bedroom.  Typically, premarital sex is pretty rare in China, and is taken more seriously than it is in most Western cultures.  Though attitudes toward sexual activity are changing, many Chinese women view sex as a stepping-stone to marriage.
  • The ultimate goal.  Throughout China, the primary goal of most romantic relationships is marriage – and lots of Chinese young adults are under familial pressure to find a good spouse.  This is particularly true for ‘leftover’ women – those who are pushing 30 but still haven’t landed a man.


Sure, these things are all generalizations, and certainly do not apply to every single Chinese person out there, but they are worth mentioning since it may help make some of those cultural nuances a little easier to understand.

Dating Asian singles and “little emperors”

For Western men, it is important to understand that dating Asian singles is a little different than dating women from their own culture.  In fact, if they’re not prepared, they may be in store for a real culture shock.

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There are so many differences between Chinese and Western culture – from the types of food to the interactions between family members.  It is particularly interesting to note how the country’s one-child policy may have actually influenced the way many of today’s Asian singles behave, especially in a romantic relationship.

The first thing to understand is that the very first generation of children born under China’s one-child policy just recently entered their early thirties.  And it is many of these individuals that are out there looking for love right now.  The policy was put into place to help control the population, and all of these only children were dubbed “little emperors” because they were coddled and spoiled by their parents.

It’s probably true that the Chinese government wasn’t thinking about the future love lives of these children when they implemented the one-child policy, but the policy has had a great impact.  This is particularly true when Chinese girls interact with their boyfriends.  They like to ‘sajiao,’ or act like a spoilt child – tantrums and all.  It is customary for the men to ‘honghong,’ or comfort and humor them.

This type of behavior can seem shocking to Westerners, especially to those unfamiliar with the Chinese culture.  Some men find the behavior childish and disrespectful – if that is the case, he may want to consider dating women from a different culture. However, for those men that are willing to embrace and learn about the Chinese customs and seek out Asian singles, he may be rewarded with a very beautiful, loyal, and loving wife someday!