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A gentleman as defined by Asian women

Whether you want to believe it or not, Asian women who are interested in dating are actually looking for a gentleman who will treat them right.  Are you that guy?

Bowler hat and moustache

Even if you think of yourself a gentleman, some Asian women might not necessarily agree.  Sure, you might be polite and charming, but the definition of a “gentleman” can vary across cultures.  In fact, the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius played an integral role in defining social order and cultural bases, including how gentlemen should behave.

Let’s take a look at the four traits of a gentleman in Chinese culture and see if you stand up to the test:

  • Filial piety.  Also known as “Hsiao” in Chinese, this trait is the importance of family connections.  Confucius based much of his philosophy on filial piety, which puts an emphasis on sons paying appropriate respect to their parents, thus maintaining social order.  A gentleman will not only recognize filial piety, but will also actively fulfill his duties.
  • Benevolence.  It is known as “Jen” in Chinese, and it is what Confucius said separated men from animals.  It is also what separates a gentleman from normal men.  If filial piety is considered the bedrock of being a gentleman, benevolence is the apex.  He must be driven by a love of humanity and should strive to reach Jen throughout his life.
  • Propriety.  Known as “Li” in Chinese, propriety is another virtue all gentlemen must have.  There are certain rules and etiquette of society that gentlemen must follow; they should know and respect the social order.  A gentleman should act in accordance with overall social rules, especially when dealing with individuals based on their social status.
  • Sincerity.  Sincerity, or “Yi,” goes beyond just being honest.  A true gentleman should be sincere in all of his actions as it forms the basis of moral values and good faith.  In China, a gentleman’s actions are dictated by his love of virtue and desire to be righteous within his society.


How do you add up? Would Confucius approve?


How to show Asian women you’re the real deal

How many times have you gone home from a date with Asian women unsure how it really went?  You had a great time, but did she really like you?  She smiled and laughed, but does this mean she’ll want to pursue this romance?

We are here to help you eliminate these first-date worries and relax a little.  Here are some great ways to show Asian women that you’re the real deal and worth getting to know a little better.

Love with cards

  • Talk about your interests.  If you’re meeting up after communicating online for a while, chances are you already have some common interests. Take the conversation to the next level by sharing your passions.  What are you into?  What is she interested in?  You might still learn something new about her.
  • Talk about your values.  You are going to need to share your family values eventually, so go ahead and get it out of the way.  It doesn’t have to be awkward; remember you’re both trying to learn about each other and see if this is going to go somewhere.  The key is to be honest.
  • Talk about your skills.  Don’t confuse this with bragging.  If your date expresses an interest in cooking and you have a particular skill, share it.  Share your passions, but also share what you can do well.  Believe it or not, it’s a great way to learn about each other.
  • Talk about your sense of humor.  You don’t have to make jokes, but it is perfectly fine to share your ability to laugh at yourself.  Keep the conversation lighthearted and feel free to share charming or funny anecdotes, especially ones in which you can show her that you have a good sense of humor and don’t take things too seriously!

Dating Asian women? Fun facts about the Chinese language

Part of the fun of dating Asian women for many Westerners is getting exposure to a different country and culture.  However, when it comes to the Chinese language – of which there are many dialects – learning the language or even just some of the most basic phrases can seem daunting.


Learning Chinese doesn’t have to be a scary thought.  It can actually be a very rewarding experience.  After all, plenty of people speak the language in one form or another.  In hopes of taking away some of the hesitation you might feel, we’ve put together some fun facts about the language:

  • More than 800 million people speak Mandarin, the official language of China.  If you break that down based on the planet’s population, that’s one in five people!
  • Learning Chinese isn’t as hard as you probably think.  European languages – and English – are actually more difficult to learn than Chinese thanks to all of the tenses, plurals, cases, and genders involved.  Chinese grammar is pretty straightforward, but it is tonal, which means the pitch of your voice matters.
  • You might already know a little Chinese.  A lot of Chinese words and phrases have been Anglicized, so you might already have a good base.  For example, that cup of cha in the morning actually comes from a Mandarin word (chá) and Kung-fu comes from gōngfu!
  • Lots of Chinese jokes are puns or plays on words.  This might make learning the language a little more appealing.  If you like to challenge yourself, this is a great way to learn to be funny in your new language, making it easier to break the ice when dating Asian women.
  • Learning Chinese can actually make learning other Asian languages easier.  The ability to read and write Chinese characters will inevitably make it a little easier for you to learn other Asian languages, such as Japanese.

Asking Asian women their age

When it comes to dating, the topic of one’s age will inevitably come up, but is it acceptable to ask Asian women their age?  First of all, keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to ask a lady her age.  It’s usually better to let a woman volunteer that information for you.

All joking aside, the Chinese have a very interesting take on birthdays and age.  In fact, there are actually taboos when it comes to the birthday, especially for Asian women.

chinese birthday

First of all, when a child is born in China, he or she is already a one-year-old, unlike in the West.  A socially acceptable way of enquiring as to a Chinese lady’s name is by asking them what their zodiac sign is. If you know their animal, it should be pretty easy to figure out from there. Another thing to remember is that it is bad luck to celebrate a birthday after the big day; birthdays must be celebrated on or before one’s birthday.  Moreover, women don’t celebrate all of their birthdays.

The 30th birthday is often frowned upon in the west, but in China, it takes on a whole new meaning.  It is a year of uncertainty and danger, so Chinese women remain 29 for an additional year to avoid bad luck.

The 33rd year is also particularly troublesome, so in order to avoid bad luck in the coming year, a woman turning 33 must purchase a piece of meat and chop it 33 times while hiding behind the kitchen door.  Chopping the meat is believed to cast evil into the meat and away from the woman.  The meat is then tossed in the trash.

Like the 33rd birthday, the 66th birthday is also bad news and some meat must once again be chopped and tossed.  This time, the woman’s daughter or closest female relative must do the deed, making 66 cuts on this occasion.