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New visa rules make it easier to date single Chinese women

In an effort to attract more Chinese tourists and businesspeople, the UK government is easing its visa rules. This might make it a little easier for British men to date single chinese women.


This new development coincides with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to the UK.  The existing visa policy also happens to be one of the hot topics for the trip.

Starting this fall, Chinese travellers will actually be able to use Irish visitor visas to travel to and throughout Britain without the need for a separate visa.  Additionally, the program that allows some travel agents to use just one application when processing Schengen and UK visa applicants will be extended to all Chinese people applying to travel throughout the UK.

The Schengen Area consists of several European countries that have eliminated controls between their common borders, but both the UK and Ireland have opted out of that.

There is no doubt that these changes will boost the UK’s tourism industry.  Last year, almost 300,000 visitor visas were issued to Chinese travellers, which is about 40 percent higher than 2012′s figure.  These numbers are expected to continue to increase as a result of these new rules.

Furthermore, the new rules also make it a lot less difficult to date single chinese women who might want to make a trip to Britain.  This could make for a very interesting twist to online dating relationships.  In these cases, it is often the man who travels to China to visit the woman.