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Seattle’s Bruce Lee exhibit perfect for Chinese dating

You might be wondering what Chinese dating and Bruce Lee have to do with each other, but they are actually more connected than you think. Although many girls you’re interested in dating might not really be into Kung Fu movies or be big Bruce Lee fans, he might be of interest to you.

Bruce Lee statue

Bruce Lee was one of the most famous Kung Fu stars in the world, and Seattle’s Wing Luke Museum is putting on an amazing exhibit focusing on the actor’s time in the city. The exhibit, which is called “Do You Know Bruce?” features a wide range of Lee memorabilia including letters, poems and photos. Although the marital arts star wasn’t a top student – he only achieved a 1.84 GPA at the University of Washington in 1962 – he was considered a genius in his field.

It is worth mentioning that this exhibit is pretty rare; the only other exhibit pertaining to Bruce Lee is in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong exhibit is definitely one to check out, so if you are ever there, be sure to visit.

If your Chinese dating brings you to Seattle for any reason, you might want to visit the Wing Luke Museum. The Bruce Lee exhibit will be showcased across three different installments over a period of three years. The first installment focuses on Lee in his hometown, the second on his five Kung Fu movies and the final on his life as an artist.