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“Ancient Dances” and Chinese dating

Chinese dating can sometimes lead to dancing – or vice versa – and apparently this could be particularly true in Cleveland.

Chinese dance

The Cleveland Museum of Art will be presenting pipa virtuoso Wu Man performing “Ancient Dances” on Wednesday, April 8.

It all started with a simple visit to a school years ago. In the 1980s, Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar visited Beijing Central Conservatory and inspired a little girl to dream of a career in the United States. Shankar became Man’s hero, and today she is one of China’s greatest artistic ambassadors. Man takes pride in her role as a spokesperson for China’s cultural legacy.

If you’ve never heard of the pipa, you are not alone. Comparable to the lute, the pipa is a Persian string instrument that the Chinese adopted from the Persians a long time ago. Man has been able to revitalize an interest in the instrument and breathe new life into the appreciation and awareness of Chinese classical music.

The performance will incorporate not just pipa music but also an exotic mix of percussion, poetry, calligraphy, and paintings. The visual elements of this performance are expected to be astonishing. This should provide the perfect backdrop for one of your first Chinese dating experiences if you plan to be in or near the Cleveland area.