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Dating the Right Beautiful Chinese Women

You want to date beautiful Chinese women, and you hope to find a great relationship. It’s why you are here and reading this article right now. However, it’s not always as simple as putting up a profile and finding love. You need to really think about what you want out of a relationship and the type of woman you want to date. Let’s look at some tips that can help you to find the right women to date so the both of you are happy.

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How to Find the Woman for You

First, think about what type of woman you want to meet. Saying that you want to meet a beautiful Chinese woman is not enough! Think about some of the specifics that go beyond mere physical descriptions. Do you want to meet someone who is a professional? Someone who is an artist? Think about the things that are the most important to you, and let those be your guidelines. That’s not to say that you might not meet someone else that doesn’t meet those criteria that still captures your heart, but it does provide you with a roadmap to what you feel your perfect date would be.

Second, make sure that you are someone who has a lot to offer. You don’t have to be extremely wealthy, but you want to have an occupation that shows you work hard and that you can provide. You also want to show her that you have an interest in who she is, as well as her culture. Learn more about China and the people, and consider taking some language classes (you can find some basics here) so you can at least get by with the language.

Third, be prepared to be patient. Finding the right woman seldom happens overnight, and you will no doubt learn more along the way about how to improve your odds of finding that perfect Chinese match. You will also learn how better to communicate, despite a possible language barrier, and this will make it easier for you and your date to understand each other when you finally find that special one.

More importantly, you will definitely learn what you don’t want! Not every beautiful Chinese woman is going to be compatible with every Western man seeking his other half. If your personality doesn’t click with that first match, you’ll know to move on and keep searching. Once you hit upon that one incredible lady who may just change your life, you’ll know you’ve found something worth pursuing.

Fourth, don’t “settle” just because you’ve found a beautiful Chinese woman to date and you think you can get along with her well enough. That first match is probably a very nice person, however unless you have some things in common and your personalities “click”, there’s likely to be trouble in paradise down the road. Many people get frustrated and impatient because they’re tired of being alone, but patience will pay off if you wait until that person you really hit it off with comes along.

Last but not least, have fun! Be yourself. The best way to find the perfect person for you on the international dating scene is to let your positive qualities speak for themselves. Be friendly and courteous, and don’t be afraid to share some of yourself so that your date can get a feel for what makes you, you!

When you take these steps, it helps to ensure you are dating the right beautiful Chinese women that could be a good match for you. This way, it will improve your chance of finding love.

Communicating on a Chinese Dating Site

When you use a Chinese dating site in the hopes to meet the woman of your dreams, you want to make sure that you are doing things right. Yes, there are right and wrong ways to use dating sites, and we’re here to help get you started on the right track. When you follow these tips, it helps to get your relationship started correctly.

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Honesty Is the Best Policy

First, you need to be honest. Lying about your status or your financial situation will only come back to bite you in the end. It’s better to be honest about who you are and what you want than to end up getting hurt or hurting someone else down the line. In addition, you need to be sincere and polite with all of your communications on the Chinese dating site.

In addition, you should not only think about transparency as far as the aspects of your life, you should also be honest about your behavior. If you are communicating with more than one beautiful Chinese woman at first, make sure you are upfront about that fact. Women generally don’t have a problem with the fact that you’re attempting to find the best person for you, but you shouldn’t hide it – that will definitely cause friction, which you don’t need right when you’re getting to know someone. In fact, she too may be talking to more than one man – you’re likely both in the same boat.

Show Interest and Restraint

Second, compliments are welcome, but you do have to use your head. Yes, you can tell her that she’s beautiful and that you find her attractive. However, you want to make sure that you aren’t only commenting on her physical beauty, and that you don’t go too far with those types of compliments! Talk with her and let her know the other things that you admire about her as you get to know her better. This can help to make her more open.

The reason it’s important to be especially thoughtful with compliments is that Chinese dating culture is not as relaxed and casual as Western dating customs. Americans in particular tend to be very bold in their comments almost right away when they’re getting to know someone. Asian women tend to favor a bit more traditional approach, and besides, you really want to make sure you’re getting to know the personality behind the face – especially since you likely won’t be able to meet your date immediately.

Be Open

Third, do not be afraid to talk about yourself. Yes, you want to listen to her, but you want to give her an idea of who you are as well. Tell her about your experiences and stories, the things that you like to do, and tell her about your family. Also, let her know what you are looking for in a relationship. Is marriage your ultimate goal? Do you want children? What are your hopes and dreams for the future, and how will a serious relationship fit in with those things?

Take Your Time

Fourth, you don’t have to rush things. Instead, take it slowly. That’s the beauty of finding love on a Chinese dating site. It can go nice and slow, so you can really build a relationship without moving too quickly and ruining things. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other, so by the time you actually do meet, you’ll already have a good idea that you’re compatible and will be able to really genuinely enjoy some quality time together.

Chinese Women: Dating and Love

When you are looking for Chinese women to date online, it is important to understand exactly what they want and expect. Of course, all women are different, so there are no firm guidelines of the things you need to do and say. However, you can do some basic things if you want to increase the chance of having a happy relationship. What should you do? Well, it’s all quite simple really. Listen to them and get to know them online before you get too serious. It’s a good way to determine whether you are actually compatible with the person based on what both of you want and expect from a relationship.

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What Do Chinese Women Want?

When it comes to dating and love, Chinese women often want the same things as other people. They want attention, they want you to show that you care, and they want to know you will be able to care for them, and they for you. However, there are some differences. Women in China tend to like to have more frequent contact with their partners. This means that they may text or call more than you might be accustomed to. It’s not that they don’t trust you or that they are trying to keep tabs on you. They simply want to be in your thoughts.

 This communication habit may strike you as odd, particularly early on in the relationship, as Westerners tend to have a more laid-back approach, contacting their date only when required to set up the details of their plans. Yet, because this style is customary in the Chinese dating culture, it’s simply one of the things you should take in stride so that your match doesn’t think you’ve lost interest.

 While women on Chinese dating sites may want frequent communication, they also generally desire a more conservative dating process than many Western women do. Courting is still the traditional style, and a physical relationship is likely to take longer than it does when dating in your own country. It’s important to be a gentleman and not take quite as forward an approach as you might when dating an American or other Western lady.

 Long-Term Goals

 It’s also a good idea to consider the way that many Chinese women look at dating as a means to getting married. While casual dating in China exists, it’s far more common to look at dating as a means to an end. Many women in the country do eventually want to get married, and that means they are looking for marriage potential while they are dating. This is certainly important to note, so you can make sure that the two of you are actually on the same page when it comes to the way the relationship is progressing.

 The best part of this aspect of Chinese dating culture is that you’re unlikely to encounter a woman who “samples” by talking to, and dating, lots of men. If the two of you find that your personalities are compatible, her focus will be on you and you will have the chance to really get to know her and find out if there’s the potential for a lasting relationship.

Differences Aside

Despite some cultural variations, humans are, after all, human, and most women simply want to find that person who makes them feel wonderful inside and with whom they enjoy talking and spending quality time. If you take the time to get to know these beautiful Chinese women, you may very well find that there are more things you have in common than things you differ on.

When a Chinese dating site inspires interest in art

When someone signs up for a Chinese dating site, a lot can happen. The potential for love and romance is boosted. Moreover, the opportunity to learn about an amazing culture is presented, and many Westerners are opened up to the wonderful world of Chinese art.

exhibition, all photos mine, put yours now

If you belong to a Chinese dating site and are interested in art, you might be fascinated to hear that Chinese artists are actually representing Kenya at this year’s Venice Biennale. Even if you don’t have an online dating profile, this may be news that you want to hear!

The Venice Biennale is an international art exhibition that is frequently dubbed “the Olympics of modern art” and takes place every two years. If you happen to attend this year, you’ll notice that the Kenyan pavilion consists of mostly Chinese artists. Say what?

It’s simple, really. Around 30 countries have a permanent slot at the Venice Biennale, and about 50 others have applied for their own exhibition spaces, also known as pavilions. Two years ago, Kenya had its first pavilion. This year, they will allow mostly Chinese nationals to exhibit their work.

Most of these artists have never been to Kenya – or even Africa – and very few of them reference the country or continent in their work. Some well-known Chinese artists will be displaying their work, including Li Gang, Qin Feng, Li Zhanyang, and Lan Zheng Hui. This isn’t new for Kenya; their 2013 pavilion also consisted mostly of Chinese artists.

While this might be a source of controversy for Kenyan artists, it bodes very well for Chinese artists because they are displaying their work at one of the most important international art exhibits in the world.