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Chinese Dating

Chinese Dating Online: Tips for Success

If you are using a service for Chinese dating online, you might be wondering just how you could make your experience even better. The following are some tips that you should employ, and which can make it easier to find someone truly special.

Keep the Profile Updated

When you have changes in your life, make sure you make additions to the profile through the site you use for Chinese dating online. Maybe you have a new job, or you moved to a new city. All of these things are important parts of you, and they should be reflected on your profile. In addition, make sure you keep your profile picture updated as well.

China Love

Keeping your dating profile current is especially important when dating overseas, as it may take a longer period of time to actually go and visit your date, which means changes are likely to take place between the time she first saw your photo and the time she meets you in person. Nothing is more disappointing than seeing someone for the first time and having them be something other than what you expected!

Focus on the Right One

When you are looking for love online, you have to know exactly the type of woman you want to date. It’s about far more than just beauty. You need to find someone that is well-matched to you. While you don’t have to have all of the same likes and dislikes, it’s a much better idea to focus on those women that are closer to the ideal match. It ensures you aren’t wasting time with those who have nothing in common with you.

Important things to consider are whether your senses of humor are complementary, whether you like the same styles of music, and whether your religious backgrounds are compatible (and if not, how important this factor is to each of you in the long run). Your values and life philosophies should also mesh, particularly if you’re looking for someone with whom to have children.

Quality Communication

Whenever you are talking with women you meet from sites for Chinese dating online, you should write quality letters and texts. They shouldn’t simply be one word or a few words. While you may want to keep the language simple to cut down on the language barrier, you don’t have to be boring. In fact, you should never be boring. This is especially important during the first few emails to the women.

You want to make a good impression right from the start, by being both engaging and respectful. Be yourself, and let your personality shine through – Chinese women tend to have an appreciation for the fun-loving nature of Western men, so don’t be afraid to show that quality in yourself.

Do Some Research

Learning everything you can about the dating customs in China as well as the culture in general will give you an advantage when it comes time to communicate with your special lady. Remember, this is all new for her too and she will definitely appreciate you taking the time to become more familiar with her homeland.

Don’t Give Up

Patience is key in any online dating venture, and international dating is no different. It can take some time to find that perfect person for you, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t make an instant connection with a beautiful Chinese woman. Everyone is different, and there is someone compatible out there for everyone. You might not find your match tomorrow, but as long as you don’t give up, you have a great chance of finding a wonderful woman. Never give up!

Basic Dating Etiquette after Meeting a Woman on a Chinese Dating Service

After you’ve taken the initiative to meet a woman through a Chinese dating service, you will want to make sure that you are behaving properly when it comes to the etiquette of dating. While you might feel you are well versed in dating in the Western world, it’s a bit different in China, and for women who come from the country.

Understand the Differences

One of the most important things to understand is that even though times are changing – albeit slowly – in Eastern dating culture, many beautiful Chinese women are still reliant upon the traditional ways that they’re familiar with in guiding their dating experience. These ladies may be starting to explore some level of freedom in their romantic lives, but a focus on marriage and stability is still at the forefront of Chinese family life.

Beautiful Chinese Girls

Taking on the exciting, unfamiliar world of international dating may seem overwhelming – where do you start in figuring out how to go about wooing a Chinese beauty? Don’t fret too much – with a bit of research you can face meeting your match with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you’re approaching your date properly. Here are a few pointers that can help.

Setting the Date Up

First, when you are asking a woman out on an actual date, or when you are setting up an online date or call just to speak with one another, be mindful of her schedule. Always ask several days in advance of the actual date. This gives her time to arrange her schedule so she can spend some time with you.

In the meantime, don’t be surprised if she blows up your email or phone – even though Chinese dating is typically more conservative, it’s customary for there to be frequent communication between the two people. Westerners may be taken aback by this “stalking-like” behavior, but rest assured that it is normal.

Plan Wisely

Second, you should be the one to make the date and all of the arrangements. Sure, you can ask her what she wants to do, but many Chinese women expect you to make the date arrangements. Still, listen to her when she has input. During the date, make sure you have time to speak with her, so you can learn more about her and so she can learn more about you. A film might work for a first date, but you really don’t get to know much about one another. If you go to the movies, make sure that you have dinner before or after, so you have some time to talk with one another.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though a bar is a common first date meeting place for Americans and other Westerners, the beautiful Chinese women you will encounter on a dating site are not likely to be drinkers. The culture is very different in terms of women and alcohol – they may have a glass of wine on occasion, but they aren’t likely to be comfortable in a bar atmosphere, particularly when just getting to know you.

Be Respectful

Third, always make sure you are a gentleman. Just because you feel the date went well does not mean it is an invitation to groping her or expecting anything. Once you are through with the date and she is on her way, send her a text to make sure that they got home without any trouble. It shows that you care.

Once you’re armed with the basic etiquette of Chinese dating you can go into your exciting new romance with confidence.

Chinese dating history lesson: The passing of T.H. Tsien

A Chinese dating relationship can provide a lot more than companionship and romance; you might even learn a little bit about another culture. One example is T.H. Tsien, scholar of the Chinese written word.

Tsien passed away at the age of 105 on April 9. He risked his life in 1941 by smuggling thousands upon thousands of rare volumes during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai. Since around that time, he became associated with the University of Chicago and was an emeritus professor of East Asian languages and civilizations.


Although he was the author of scores of articles and books, many of which were published in English, Tsien is most widely known for his expertise on the history of writing in China. One of his favorite facts was that moveable type was in China centuries before Gutenberg.

Professor Tsien was born in China during the reign of its last emperor and worked in secret to protect the precious volumes, many of which dated back to the first millennium B.C. The story of his efforts is actually quite fascinating as he covertly packed 30,000 books in 102 wooden crates associated with hundreds of fake invoices.

When he was asked why he took on a secret identity to smuggle the volumes out of China during wartime, his response was always simply, “It was my duty.”

As you explore the many facets of Chinese dating, take the time to learn about the arts, culture, and history of your new potential partner, and you will find plenty of fascinating information.

“Ancient Dances” and Chinese dating

Chinese dating can sometimes lead to dancing – or vice versa – and apparently this could be particularly true in Cleveland.

Chinese dance

The Cleveland Museum of Art will be presenting pipa virtuoso Wu Man performing “Ancient Dances” on Wednesday, April 8.

It all started with a simple visit to a school years ago. In the 1980s, Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar visited Beijing Central Conservatory and inspired a little girl to dream of a career in the United States. Shankar became Man’s hero, and today she is one of China’s greatest artistic ambassadors. Man takes pride in her role as a spokesperson for China’s cultural legacy.

If you’ve never heard of the pipa, you are not alone. Comparable to the lute, the pipa is a Persian string instrument that the Chinese adopted from the Persians a long time ago. Man has been able to revitalize an interest in the instrument and breathe new life into the appreciation and awareness of Chinese classical music.

The performance will incorporate not just pipa music but also an exotic mix of percussion, poetry, calligraphy, and paintings. The visual elements of this performance are expected to be astonishing. This should provide the perfect backdrop for one of your first Chinese dating experiences if you plan to be in or near the Cleveland area.