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Chinese Dating

Is Chinese dating all about eating?

If you’ve engaged in Chinese dating for any period of time, you might already know that food plays a huge part in the country’s culture. In addition, if you’ve ever visited China, you probably noticed that you were wined and dined by your hosts.

Chicken chow mein

A heavy emphasis is placed on eating in China. Food and the act of eating serve as the glue that binds people together in Chinese culture. People make friends sitting at the dinner table, and it’s also a place where they conduct business.

To some extent, the importance of food stems from the fact that China has endured several serious famines. Nevertheless, if you consider history, food has been a huge part of China’s culture for thousands of years. Food plays an integral role in everyday life, but it is also part of rituals, celebrations, religious events and even politics.

In the Tao Te Ching, the comparison between frying a fish and the ruling of state is made; if you handle the meat too much, it will spoil and fall apart during frying. In religion, food offerings are frequently made to deities and even “hungry ghosts.”

These are just a few examples of how important food is to Chinese people. If you are seriously interested in Chinese dating, you might want to learn a bit more about China’s food culture. Keep in mind that the Chinese feast you order every Friday night for takeout might not necessarily resemble what you’ll get in China!

Chinese dating, reading habits, and Frog

If you’re into Chinese dating, you might actually find yourself changing your reading habits and trying to learn more about Chinese culture. This might be because you want to read the same books your online love interest is reading, or you might simply want to stay ahead of the curve.

That’s where Frog comes in. It’s not a book you have to read, but you might very well want to read it if you are interested in China’s one-child policy. Although the policy might be controversial to some people, it is an inescapable truth and part of China’s history and culture.

Dating love

Frog is a 400-page book that takes a look at a small Chinese town’s midwifery and the politics of abortion during the most intense years of the country’s one-child policy. Mo Yan, who also won a Nobel Prize in 2012, wrote the book. He is one of the few novelists who have not been jailed by the government for his work or beliefs, nor has he fled the country.

The book, which is written in the form of a letter, tells the story of one young man growing up during one of China’s most notably turbulent periods. The tale is filled with wry humor, which is surprising for the depth and heaviness of the subject matter. Topics include war, famine, the enforcement of the one-child policy, and even Chinese dating gone wrong.

Although Frog is filled with heroic children of the revolution, loyal communists, and brutal reality (although the magic of the culture is not lost), Yan also critiques the system indirectly and raises plenty of questions for discussion.

If you want to beef up your reading list in preparation for Chinese dating, you might be interested to know that Frog is being released in the U.S. this week.

Chinese dating helpline launched

At the end of December, a 24-hour Chinese dating help hotline was launched in China. The service, which is staffed by 300 psychology experts and volunteers, is intended to help young people who need some romantic advice.

Help line  1

Will this love hotline actually help ensure that true love runs a little smoother in China? It is hoped that it will help young singles figure out what they want or need from a particular relationship or how to get into the dating game.

The Chinese dating helpline is a joint project by Shanghai East China Normal University, the Shanghai Women’s Federation, and the Shanghai Matchmaking Association. It will be free to use.

Studies and surveys conducted by the aforementioned organizations indicate that insecurity is one of the biggest barriers to love. The psychology experts manning the lines hope to tackle this issue.

Dating in China is a little bit different from dating in the West, which is something that many men learn quickly when they join Chinese dating sites and begin the process. This is also apparent to Westerners who are living in China. In fact, this hotline might actually even be helpful for non-Chinese individuals hoping to date in the country or have a relationship with someone from the culture.

However, you need to speak Chinese if you plan on calling in; the service is currently only available in Chinese.

What Chinese dating sites won’t tell you about cherries

When you sign up for Chinese dating sites, you probably don’t expect to learn anything about the availability of cherries in China. However, this is actually a topic worth exploring.

fresh red cherries

With the Chinese New Year right around the corner – the big celebration happens this year on February 18th – there was a question as to whether or not the country would have enough cherries for the celebration because it falls later than usual this year.

Thanks to some really great timing for Tasmanian growers, there will be no cherry shortage! In fact, 2015 may very well be the year of the Tasmanian cherry.

In case you didn’t already know, the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar cycle and the dates are shifted every year. Because the dates move around so much, there is no guarantee that a particular year will have a good cherry harvest.

Cherries are a big part of the celebration and are often given as gifts during this time. Most cherries are a deep, rich red – a color that is revered in Chinese culture. The Chinese believe that the color red brings good luck. This is why they give a red envelope that contains money at weddings and other celebrations.

When you’re chatting to any lovely ladies you’ve met on any Chinese dating sites, now you know a little bit about cherries and the Chinese New Year!