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Chinese dragons

Why are many Chinese girls interested in dragons?

Are you wondering why some Chinese girls are so interested in dragons? You might have noticed that the dragon plays an important role in Chinese culture and legend, but few Westerners actually know the whole story.

Dragon Traditional 1

According to legend, dragons used to roam the lands, seas, and skies in China.  These magical creatures were able to summon wind, call for rain, breathe fire, sleep in the sea, and soar in the sky.  Dragons were also thought to have the ability to make themselves extremely large or as small as they wanted.

Chinese dragons aren’t anything like those we hear about in medieval folklore that would burn down castles and kidnap princesses.  In fact, the Chinese dragon is a benevolent creature that is worshipped to this day. It signified strength, good luck, and power.  The number nine is considered lucky in China because the dragon is comprised of nine animal resemblances.

Modern-day Chinese citizens refer to themselves as descendants of Yangdi and Huangdi, two legendary tribe leaders born of the dragon that defeated the ruthless Chi You, thus starting Chinese civilization.

Today, the dragon still plays a major role in Chinese celebrations.  The dragon dance is performed at a number of celebrations such as the Chinese New Year.  There are even a number of festivals focusing on the celebration of the dragon legend.

If you want to impress Chinese girls, do a little more research into the cultural significance of the dragon and share what you’ve learned.  There is a lot more to Chinese culture than dragons, so be prepared to learn a lot of interesting things.