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Chinese food

Is Chinese dating all about eating?

If you’ve engaged in Chinese dating for any period of time, you might already know that food plays a huge part in the country’s culture. In addition, if you’ve ever visited China, you probably noticed that you were wined and dined by your hosts.

Chicken chow mein

A heavy emphasis is placed on eating in China. Food and the act of eating serve as the glue that binds people together in Chinese culture. People make friends sitting at the dinner table, and it’s also a place where they conduct business.

To some extent, the importance of food stems from the fact that China has endured several serious famines. Nevertheless, if you consider history, food has been a huge part of China’s culture for thousands of years. Food plays an integral role in everyday life, but it is also part of rituals, celebrations, religious events and even politics.

In the Tao Te Ching, the comparison between frying a fish and the ruling of state is made; if you handle the meat too much, it will spoil and fall apart during frying. In religion, food offerings are frequently made to deities and even “hungry ghosts.”

These are just a few examples of how important food is to Chinese people. If you are seriously interested in Chinese dating, you might want to learn a bit more about China’s food culture. Keep in mind that the Chinese feast you order every Friday night for takeout might not necessarily resemble what you’ll get in China!

Asian dating and American Christmas traditions

Part of the fun of Asian dating is sharing our cultures with each other, and the truth is that some of our cultural practices are quite entertaining! For example, consider the phenomenon of movies and Chinese food on Christmas.

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Although this odd tradition is primarily observed by American Jews on the birthday of Jesus, many non-Jews have started to join in. This entails exactly what it sounds like: you go to see a movie and eat at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas. The tradition has even been iconized in holiday movies like A Christmas Story.

Although the movies and Chinese food tradition isn’t a formal thing, it is a fun aspect of American culture and something that you might want to share with someone. It could actually be a fun way to introduce your Chinese girlfriend to American Christmas traditions, especially if she happens to be visiting during the holiday season.

You could also take the more traditional route and take her ice-skating, holiday shopping, and Christmas caroling. These are other traditions that she might have seen in Western films.

Remember that Asian dating is all about finding love, having fun, and learning about each other. Introduce your lucky lady to some fun and interesting aspects of your culture, and she’ll be sure to return the favor by showing you some wonderful aspects of her culture!

What’s your favorite wacky Christmas tradition?

Got a date with Asian singles? Learn about Chinese food’s evolution

The next time you get ready for a date with Asian singles, you might want to be armed with a little cultural knowledge.  In China, food is a large part of the culture.  You might already enjoy partaking in some Chinese food every now and then, but taking the time to learn about the evolution of the country’s food will show that you are sincerely interested.

Chinese food 1

The next time you have a date with Asian singles, you can impress them with your knowledge of Chinese cuisine.  For example, did you know that the cuisine dates back almost 5,000 years?  In fact, fossilized noodles were actually found in China’s Qinghai Province back in 2005 that were thought to be about 4,000 years old.

During the Shang Dynasty, which dates from 1600 to 1029 BCE, a chef known as Yi Yin, who also happened to be the prime minister, developed a lot of the cooking methods that Chinese people use even today.  Yin’s focus was on the medicinal benefits of food and preached that we should “live to eat” rather than “eat to live.”

By the time the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) came around, Chinese food had come a long way.  The cuisines of the Northern and Southern regions of China were already pretty distinct from each other, but now chefs were discovering things like mushrooms and the nutritional benefits of some types of herbs.

However, it is the Ming Dynasty, from 1368 to 1662 CE, that inspired the majority of China’s modern cuisine.  By then, trade routes had opened up and Chinese people had access to peanuts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and chilies, all of which play a huge part in the Chinese food we all know and love.

Chinese food that Chinese women don’t eat

If you are going to have any success dating Chinese women, you’re going to have to throw any preconceived notions that you have about Chinese food out the window.


Believe it or not, there is Chinese food and there is Americanized Chinese food.  Both can be really tasty, but you have to learn the difference between the two.

Like lots of cuisines, Chinese cooking has been modified in the West and is quite different from what most Chinese people in China actually eat.  At home, Chinese people usually eat lots of vegetables, some fruit, and sometimes a little meat.  Their food is simple yet delicious.

Meals are served family-style – even in restaurants – and everyone has a seat at the table.  Here’s a list of some popular Americanized “Chinese” dishes that aren’t really eaten in China:

  • Crab Wontons.  These deep-fried dumplings filled with cream cheese and crab are delicious, but they aren’t eaten in China.
  • Chop Suey.  This meal was actually invented by a Chinese cook working during the Gold Rush years for American miners.  The dish was really a conglomeration of leftovers!
  • Sweet and Sour Pork.  This dish seems more like it came from the American south than China.  With its battered and deep-fried chunks of pork or chicken slathered in a thick reddish-orange sauce, it is definitely not a local dish in China!
  • Egg Rolls.  Chinese people usually eat spring rolls, which are more delicate and crispier than egg rolls.
  • Beef and Broccoli.  Beef and broccoli as you know it is not a staple in China because the type of broccoli used is difficult to find there.
  • Fortune Cookies.  Fortune cookies are not Chinese!  Dessert is not common in China, but when something sweet is served after a meal, it’s usually an orange, which is considered good luck.

While it is perfectly alright to enjoy Americanized Chinese food, if you want to impress Chinese women, put a little effort into learning about their cultural cuisine.  Trust us, you won’t be sorry – authentic Chinese food is delicious!