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Why do Western men fascinate about Dating Chinese women?

Chinese women´s fascination with western men and also marrying them has been gradually increasing in China. As far back as 1983, a Chinese woman married a western man. Since then, the phenomenon has been on an exponential rise. There are thousands of Chinese women, like Priscilla Chan, wife of Mark Zuckerberg, who have married western men as their life partners. But the real question is why Chinese women get attracted to western men. What fascinates Chinese women about western men? What does a Chinese women seek when going for a long term relationship with a western man?


The main reason for the rise in western men dating Chinese women is the opening up of China’s mainland to the rest of the world. Western men are perceived by Chinese women on the basis of their understanding of western culture. Chinese women consider that western men are energetic, sports loving, tall and strong. Western men are considered to be well-educated, care-free, humorous, polite, confident and independent. They love the way westerners dress up, their appearance and hair styles. They think that western men stay clean and hygienic. They are thought to be more considerate to women, caring, romantic, and good in bed. The interests, hobbies, virtues of giving value to quality of life, respecting other’s privacy and choices are traits considered to be in western men, and Chinese women get attracted to this.

It’s the general perception in the minds of Chinese women that they can live their lives more freely with western men. They can explore their own career and can be more financially independent. Western culture is thought to be more diverse than Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese culture focuses on mainstream culture and caring for what society or family thinks, more than what individual thinking is. Whereas, western culture is taken to be more easy-going and western people bother less about what society or people say. This difference of culture and thinking makes western men more interesting to Chinese women as they think western men have individual and unique personalities. They are thought to be more fun loving and easy-going.

Chinese families are more likely to live together than western families. Western men move out of their family home in their teens to have a more independent life. Thus, the Chinese women take this to their advantage to live with an independent man. To live separate from families. Chinese women think that they can live more easy going life with western men as they are less patriarchal. The cultural differences between China and west have made western men quite different compared to Chinese men. They stand out in the eyes of Chinese women. For Chinese girls, western men are more suitable partners. With this phenomenon on the rise, many Chinese dating websites are on the rise, where many Chinese women seek for long term relationships with the western men and look to go for a date with them.

Chinese dating: discussing Amy Tan literature

When it comes to Chinese dating, many American men don’t think about what they’ll end up discussing when they finally do find a woman they might be interested in.  Sure, they might consider topics such as tea and the Great Wall, but those topics are rather generic.

Most Chinese women are educated and smart.  Many of them read, and many of them enjoy the books of Amy Tan, an American writer whose parents were both Chinese immigrants.  Reading some of Tan’s books or even reading up on her life might make for some really interesting discussions.


Although Tan spent her years growing up in California and Switzerland, her Chinese culture was not lost.  Many people know her for her most famous work, The Joy Luck Club. Tan’s latest book, The Valley of Amazement, is a story of sex, but not in the way you might think.  The novel focuses on a mother-daughter relationship and is set partially in historical China.  When a young woman’s mother leaves for San Francisco, she is forced into the life of a courtesan.

Tan’s works, which include seven novels, a couple of children’s books, and some non-fiction is award-winning, provocative, and offers an interesting point of view on the Chinese culture.  Becoming familiar with her work allows a glimpse into one person’s take on the culture and how Chinese-Americans see it.

One word of advice for those American men engaging in Chinese dating, however: do not read Tan’s books and assume that is how your Chinese girlfriend lives!