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Chinese Girls

How are Chinese girls supposed to speak?

At first, many Western men might perceive Chinese girls to be rude, but their manner of speaking can actually be attributed to a difference in culture.

Chinese speech

Speaking volumes

In China, conversations out in public can seem quite loud and boisterous, especially to those who aren’t used to it. In many cases, it sounds like these people are arguing loudly.  However, when it comes down to gender roles, what is expected of Chinese girls and guys is very different. Chinese etiquette states that the ideal way for women to speak is to do so quietly with one’s head slightly bowed. Men who speak loudly are not considered to have bad manners.

Have you eaten?

There are also differences when it comes to greeting an individual. Inappropriate greetings are frowned upon. Between acquaintances and strangers as well as on formal occasions, the Mandarin greeting “Ni Hao,” which means, “You good?” is typical. In more familiar settings, a greeting that roughly translates to “Have you eaten?” is used. This is a great example of just how central food is to Chinese people.

Shaking hands

A traditional handshake involves interlocking fingers and waving the hands up and down a few times. This isn’t as widely used today as it once was, but it is still used in formal settings such as funerals and weddings. Modern Chinese people shake hands much like those in the West do.

Many Chinese girls like romantic movies

If you’re going to date Chinese girls, you might want to learn a thing or two about the most romantic Asian movies.  Most people think that every Asian movie is about Kung Fu or martial arts or that the majority of them are scary horror flicks.  The truth of the matter is that many of them are pretty romantic – perfect for a movie night with Chinese girls.

Heart shapes film reels

If you want to know what to put on your Netflix, read on…

  • Comrades, Almost a Love Story (Hong Kong, 1996) – Directed by Peter Chan Ho-sun, this film is based on the book of the same name and follows a pair of star-crossed lovers who tempt fate and take chances to see if their love will stand the test of time.
  • Farewell My Concubine (China, 1993) – Spanning a 50-year period, this film directed by Chen Kaige is filled with passion, intrigue, and heartache.  This sensual story about a Peking opera star tormented by a broken heart and unfulfilled desire is the only Chinese movie to ever win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • The Love Eterne (Hong Kong, 1963) – This musical film directed by Li Han-hsiang draws plenty of inspiration from The Butterfly Lover and tells the tale of a girl dressed as a boy who is deeply in love with her best friend.  It’s a magically sweet movie.
  • Spring in a Small Town (China, 1948) – This movie, which was remade in 2002, is one of the most romantic Asian films out there.  Directed by Fei Mu and set in China as it recovers from war, the film follows a couple that struggles to stay together even after their initial passion has fizzled out.  The underlying themes are resilience and commitment.
  • You are the Apple of My Eye (Taiwan, 2011) – Although this movie might appeal more to teens, it is worth watching.  It’s the sweet story of the girl everyone wants but only one boy can make a move.  It reminds us of what love is really all about: surprise, excitement, and fun.

Tips for dating widowed Chinese girls

Although it might not have occurred to you as you set up your online dating profile, some of the Chinese girls you encounter might be widows.  This means that the lucky lady to catch your eye might actually have been married before and then, sadly, lost her husband.

Online dating

Don’t fret; it is perfectly alright to date a widow!  If you’ve met a potential mate who also happens to be a widow, don’t run the other way.  You can work through it together.  If you’re interested in dating Chinese girls but are concerned when you find out that you might be seeing a widow, here are some things to think about:

Although these points are not intended to dissuade you from dating a widow, they are all things you should keep in mind.  If you really like her, you should be as supportive as possible.

  • How long ago did he pass?  You don’t have to pry, but it is helpful to find out how recent her husband’s death was.  If she just lost her spouse, she might not be ready for something serious and might prefer simple companionship instead.
  • Did they have any kids?  Losing a spouse is hard enough. Losing a spouse and becoming a single parent can be downright terrifying.  Children of any age might not immediately take to the notion of Mom or Dad dating someone new, especially if it is soon after the death.  Be patient with them.
  • She might cry at anytime.  Losing a loved one is never easy, especially your partner.  She might still cry at the drop of a hat, and you should understand that this likely has nothing to do with you.  Remember that she’s starting over, so you might have to take it slow.

Although these points are not intended to dissuade you from dating a widow, they are all things you should keep in mind.  If you really like her, you should be as supportive as possible.

Why are many Chinese girls interested in dragons?

Are you wondering why some Chinese girls are so interested in dragons? You might have noticed that the dragon plays an important role in Chinese culture and legend, but few Westerners actually know the whole story.

Dragon Traditional 1

According to legend, dragons used to roam the lands, seas, and skies in China.  These magical creatures were able to summon wind, call for rain, breathe fire, sleep in the sea, and soar in the sky.  Dragons were also thought to have the ability to make themselves extremely large or as small as they wanted.

Chinese dragons aren’t anything like those we hear about in medieval folklore that would burn down castles and kidnap princesses.  In fact, the Chinese dragon is a benevolent creature that is worshipped to this day. It signified strength, good luck, and power.  The number nine is considered lucky in China because the dragon is comprised of nine animal resemblances.

Modern-day Chinese citizens refer to themselves as descendants of Yangdi and Huangdi, two legendary tribe leaders born of the dragon that defeated the ruthless Chi You, thus starting Chinese civilization.

Today, the dragon still plays a major role in Chinese celebrations.  The dragon dance is performed at a number of celebrations such as the Chinese New Year.  There are even a number of festivals focusing on the celebration of the dragon legend.

If you want to impress Chinese girls, do a little more research into the cultural significance of the dragon and share what you’ve learned.  There is a lot more to Chinese culture than dragons, so be prepared to learn a lot of interesting things.