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Chinese Women

Why do Western men fascinate about Dating Chinese women?

Chinese women´s fascination with western men and also marrying them has been gradually increasing in China. As far back as 1983, a Chinese woman married a western man. Since then, the phenomenon has been on an exponential rise. There are thousands of Chinese women, like Priscilla Chan, wife of Mark Zuckerberg, who have married western men as their life partners. But the real question is why Chinese women get attracted to western men. What fascinates Chinese women about western men? What does a Chinese women seek when going for a long term relationship with a western man?


The main reason for the rise in western men dating Chinese women is the opening up of China’s mainland to the rest of the world. Western men are perceived by Chinese women on the basis of their understanding of western culture. Chinese women consider that western men are energetic, sports loving, tall and strong. Western men are considered to be well-educated, care-free, humorous, polite, confident and independent. They love the way westerners dress up, their appearance and hair styles. They think that western men stay clean and hygienic. They are thought to be more considerate to women, caring, romantic, and good in bed. The interests, hobbies, virtues of giving value to quality of life, respecting other’s privacy and choices are traits considered to be in western men, and Chinese women get attracted to this.

It’s the general perception in the minds of Chinese women that they can live their lives more freely with western men. They can explore their own career and can be more financially independent. Western culture is thought to be more diverse than Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese culture focuses on mainstream culture and caring for what society or family thinks, more than what individual thinking is. Whereas, western culture is taken to be more easy-going and western people bother less about what society or people say. This difference of culture and thinking makes western men more interesting to Chinese women as they think western men have individual and unique personalities. They are thought to be more fun loving and easy-going.

Chinese families are more likely to live together than western families. Western men move out of their family home in their teens to have a more independent life. Thus, the Chinese women take this to their advantage to live with an independent man. To live separate from families. Chinese women think that they can live more easy going life with western men as they are less patriarchal. The cultural differences between China and west have made western men quite different compared to Chinese men. They stand out in the eyes of Chinese women. For Chinese girls, western men are more suitable partners. With this phenomenon on the rise, many Chinese dating websites are on the rise, where many Chinese women seek for long term relationships with the western men and look to go for a date with them.

Leftover Chinese Women and International Love

The concept of leftover Chinese women, dating in their late twenties who are single and generally well-educated, is something that’s relatively new in the country. In the past, women would usually get married at a young age, but things are much different in today’s world. More and more of the women are spending more time in school and getting a good education. They want to have a degree and they want to have a career. When they get past their mid-20s, it becomes more difficult for them to find a husband in China.

leftover chinese women

Of course, one of the reasons that many women in China today need to have a good education is so that they can actually find jobs that are able to support them. This is particularly true in the urban areas, which tend to be far more expensive than the rural locations around China.

It’s important to note that there is something of a double standard in China when it comes to being over 35 and still single. If it is a man who is focusing on his career, then he is called a Diamond Bachelor. When a woman is more successful, it is difficult to find a husband because Chinese tradition dictates that the man should be the more successful of the two. Those times may slowly be changing, but it is not happening fast enough for many Chinese women.

Because of this, many Chinese girls who are considered part of the leftover women are starting to look for love internationally. They find that Western men do not frown upon mature women, and they are not afraid to date women who are successful and who have a good education. The women are happy to know that they are not really leftover, that they have just as much of a possibility of finding true love as anyone else does.

What the sexual revolution has in store for Chinese ladies

Around 20 years ago, Hillary Clinton declared that “women’s rights are human rights,” and this is something that also applies to Chinese ladies.

Chinese culture is very different from that in the West. This becomes particularly obvious when a Western man begins dating a woman from China. These women can sometimes be more reserved, although a lot has changed in the two decades since Clinton made her statement.

Chinese girl

Today, Chinese women have many more freedoms than they once did, but there is still some progress to made in terms of of gender equality. Like many other nations in the East, China is in the midst of a rapid – albeit quiet – sexual revolution much like the one the United States went through years ago. For example, premarital sex was illegal prior to 1997. Most Westerners cannot even comprehend such a law.

However, it is important to understand that while some Chinese laws have been adapted to modern times, other laws and social customs are still a bit outdated. It is also important to understand that while some laws are still on the books, Chinese citizens don’t all strictly obey them, and law enforcement doesn’t really enforce them.

What does the future hold for Chinese ladies? Social customs, gender equality, and views on sex are all rapidly changing and have become quite a hot topic in Chinese public debate. Nevertheless, it is impossible to put a timetable on the progression of these social changes.

As for Western men entering into romantic relationships with Chinese women, it is a good idea to take their culture into account. Men from the West come from a very different world, and learning as much about each others cultures as possible can make easing into these differences a little easier.

Is dating Chinese women different from dating American women?

There should be no doubt in your mind that if you want to date Chinese women, things might be a little different than if you were to date an American girl. After all, China is a nation with thousands of years of tradition, culture, and history.

Dating (chalkBoard)

What is it like to date Chinese women? The basics are the same, of course, but there are quite a few things that are very different. Here’s an introduction to some of the differences.

  • When dating begins: Unlike many Western countries, dating in China doesn’t usually begin until after men and women have entered their college years. High school kids simply have too much work to do in preparation for university.
  • There’s a pragmatic approach to dating: In China, the overall view of dating is a pragmatic one. It isn’t always about finding your soulmate; it’s more about finding a person who fits in with your own ideals.
  • Mom and Dad are very involved: Although this is becoming less of an issue in modern times, the parents have traditionally played a large role in dating in China. Although their role might have lessened over the years, if Mom and Dad don’t approve, it might not bode very well for your relationship.
  • Premarital sex: In most cases, sex before marriage isn’t the norm, although attitudes toward sex are changing in more metropolitan areas.

Keep in mind that these are just generalizations. Not every Chinese woman fits into the same mold, just like you’ll find a variety of attitudes among American women. The important thing is to learn about and respect her beliefs and attitudes.