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Chinese women’s age

Asking Asian women their age

When it comes to dating, the topic of one’s age will inevitably come up, but is it acceptable to ask Asian women their age?  First of all, keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to ask a lady her age.  It’s usually better to let a woman volunteer that information for you.

All joking aside, the Chinese have a very interesting take on birthdays and age.  In fact, there are actually taboos when it comes to the birthday, especially for Asian women.

chinese birthday

First of all, when a child is born in China, he or she is already a one-year-old, unlike in the West.  A socially acceptable way of enquiring as to a Chinese lady’s name is by asking them what their zodiac sign is. If you know their animal, it should be pretty easy to figure out from there. Another thing to remember is that it is bad luck to celebrate a birthday after the big day; birthdays must be celebrated on or before one’s birthday.  Moreover, women don’t celebrate all of their birthdays.

The 30th birthday is often frowned upon in the west, but in China, it takes on a whole new meaning.  It is a year of uncertainty and danger, so Chinese women remain 29 for an additional year to avoid bad luck.

The 33rd year is also particularly troublesome, so in order to avoid bad luck in the coming year, a woman turning 33 must purchase a piece of meat and chop it 33 times while hiding behind the kitchen door.  Chopping the meat is believed to cast evil into the meat and away from the woman.  The meat is then tossed in the trash.

Like the 33rd birthday, the 66th birthday is also bad news and some meat must once again be chopped and tossed.  This time, the woman’s daughter or closest female relative must do the deed, making 66 cuts on this occasion.