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When a Chinese dating site leads to love of movies

When a person joins a Chinese dating site, he or she is usually interested in finding someone to enjoy a romance with. However, the simple act of joining such a site actually opens up one’s eyes to a whole new culture.

The Chinese culture has a rich history, unique traditions, and arts such as film. If you’ve joined a Chinese dating site, you might be interested in hearing a little bit about this year’s Hong Kong International Film Festival.Is being a pro at online dating a bad thing - 134099224

The festival runs from March 23rd through April 6th. Several venues throughout Hong Kong host the films, including the Hong Kong Cultural Center, Hong Kong City Hall, the Hong Kong Arts Center, and the Grand Cinema, to name a few.

The Hong Kong International Film Festival is an important cultural event because it allows movies to be screened freely in China, which is not something that normally happens throughout the year.

This year marks the 39th presentation of the festival, and it is scheduled to open with Sylvia Chang’s Murmur of the Hearts. Philip Yung’s Port of Call will close the event, and the festival will host the world premiere for both films.

It isn’t just Chang’s movie that will be featured during the festivities; there will also be a tribute to her as she is considered one of the most important Chinese filmmakers of her time. For this film, she returns to her native Taiwan.

Overall, there will be 260 films from 56 different countries and regions. Of these films, 78 will be making their Asian and world premieres.

Asian dating on Halloween

This week, we’ll be celebrating Halloween in the United States, which is a time best known for trick-or-treating, costumes, and lots of parties.  If you are part of an Asian dating relationship, is there anything special you need to know?  Do they celebrate Halloween in China?

The Chinese don’t celebrate Halloween quite like Westerners do, but they do have a similar celebration called the Hungry Ghost Festival.

In order to better understand the differences, we should keep in mind that Halloween is based on “the day of the dead”.  This is a day on which ghosts can cross the boundary between the living and the dead.  The Chinese have a similar belief.


On the days of the Ghost Month, which is usually in August, it is said that the ghosts are very active among the living, particularly on the night of the full moon.  On this night in particular, the living must take special precautions to honor the dead in order to avoid attacks or pranks from them.  There are a number of special ceremonies, performances, and offerings left for the ghosts to show that the living still honor them.  When the ghosts are pleased, they will help and protect the living.  When they are not happy, they can wreak havoc!

In the past, this festival was quite serious, but it has become more light-hearted in modern times.  However, Halloween celebrations in the West are much more easygoing and fun than those in the East, where there is still a sense of solemnity.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is an interesting experience, especially for foreigners who have never participated in this tradition.  If Asian dating brings you to China during these festivities, you might want to ask your date to accompany you.

Why do so many white men want a date with Chinese women?

Lots of white men pine over the idea of a date with Chinese women, but where has this fetish come from?  Why do so many white Western men want to get romantic with Chinese women?

2 Laptops with male and female avatars and hearts floating between them

The initial attraction might be rooted in stereotypes and myths.  A popular misconception is that Chinese women are better lovers than other women and offer no meaningful presence in popular culture or politics.  If this is the reason you want a date with Chinese women, you may be barking up the wrong tree.

But where do these misconceptions come from?  Art and literature, of course!  Just look at the roles you typically see Chinese women playing in the movies, in theater, and on TV.

The Asian woman is eroticized in Western culture, perhaps because she is so different.  Femme fatales, sexy Geishas, and Kung Fu seductresses fill the screens and sell tickets.  Ethnically neutral roles aren’t quite as exciting when you think about it, are they?

An interesting point about this sexualization of Asian women in the movies and media, however, is that most women aren’t bothered by it.  That’s probably why the phenomenon is so strong.

Like it or not, this attraction is probably not going anywhere, which is why there are so many online dating sites focusing on bringing Western men and Asian women together.

Chinese dating tip: Visiting the family in China

When you are involved in a romantic Chinese dating relationship, you are going to have to meet your partner’s family eventually.  This often means taking a trip to China.


Visiting a foreign country can be exciting, and a trip to meet your new love interest’s family can make the trip even more thrilling.  Don’t blow it by not knowing how to behave when you meet the family in person.

In China, people are generally very hospitable, but there are formalities that you should follow if you have been invited into the family home. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t show up unannounced; arrange a time for the visit and make sure you arrive on time.
  • Always bring a gift as a polite gesture.  Remember, it is the thought that counts, so there is no need to break the bank.
  • If you have an overcoat, raingear, or hat, give it to the host for proper placement.
  • In most cases, you will want to remove your shoes when entering a Chinese home.  However, if the host is wearing shoes, you may ask if they want you to remove yours.
  • Greet everyone there, even people you do not know.
  • Only sit down after you have been invited to do so.
  • If you are offered tea, beverages, snacks, or dim sum, politely thank the host and then help yourself.
  • Don’t ever poke fun at anything in the host’s home.
  • Do not stay for longer than an hour unless you have been specifically invited to do so.
  • Always express your gratitude before leaving.

These general guidelines are a good base for meeting a Chinese family on your trip to China.  Remember, Chinese dating can be exciting and rewarding, but you must learn to truly appreciate and respect the culture if you want your relationship to flourish.