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Myths about single Chinese women debunked

China is a large country with an ancient culture that goes back thousands of years, so it only makes sense that a number of myths about single chinese women exist.  In fact, some of these common misconceptions are so widely known that it can be hard to separate fact from fiction for some people.


Before you start dating single chinese women, you should be aware of these common myths.

  • All Chinese women are short.  China is a very large country and the genetic make-up of its people varies across the regions.  Yes, there are plenty of short Chinese girls, but this is true in just about every country.  It is interesting to note that the population in the south tends to be shorter in general than the population in the north.
  • All Chinese women are submissive.  If you are looking for a girl who will bend to your every whim, you might be disappointed.  Once you really get to know them, you will find that most Chinese women aren’t subservient or submissive at all.  In fact, they are quite strong-willed and opinionated!  Chinese women are very feminine, but femininity and submission should not be confused.
  • All Chinese women want to leave China.  There are more than 600 million women living in China, and if they all wanted to leave, that number would probably be a lot smaller.  Some Chinese women do want to move out of China, but isn’t this true of any country?  Some women are adventurous and want to see the world.  Chinese women are no different.

All Chinese women are gold-diggers.  Women interested in men only for their money and status exist in every country – and yes, there are some in China.  However, most Chinese women are looking for love just like you.  In China, it is not considered rude or taboo to discuss material things or how much money you make.

Do parents influence Asian singles dating choices?

There are some fundamental differences in Asian singles dating compared to dating among Westerners, but with a little knowledge, the experience can be a lot more rewarding.  China is a country steeped in history, culture and tradition, so it makes sense that these elements would come together in the romance department.


One topic that often comes up is the role that parents play in Asian singles dating.  Not every family follows the old tradition, but it is common for parents to have a say in traditional Chinese families.


Traditionally, Chinese parents want their daughters to marry older men.  Status and image are important in this culture, and older men have had the chance to establish this.  There does seem to be a double standard, as Chinese men are not expected to marry older women.


According to custom, the ethnic background of a potential mate does play a role.  Although this is not always the case today, many Chinese families object to racial differences when it comes to romantic relationships.  In fact, marrying someone from another race might be considered disgraceful.

Social status

In China, it is very important to “save face” and many still believe that the actions of one relative reflect on the family as a whole.  Therefore, dating the wrong person – or even associating with an unsavory individual – can bring disgrace and embarrassment to the entire family.  Chinese parents also usually prefer that their children date people who are already known to them through family and friends.

Because family is such an important aspect of the Chinese culture, it is not surprising that even in these modern times, parents can still influence who their children date and marry.  This sense of custom and respect can make it very hard for a Chinese person to go against his or her family’s wishes.

At what age does Chinese dating typically lead to marriage?

Much of the time, Chinese dating leads directly to marriage.  For those individuals from China, this isn’t much of a shock.  However, for Western men dating Chinese women, this knowledge can be a little surprising.


Most of us understand that when you date someone, there is the possibility that the sounds of wedding bells could soon fill the air.  However, when it comes to Chinese dating, this often happens faster than Westerners realize.

In China, most women get married before the age of 26.  If they aren’t married by the age of 28, they are often referred to as “leftover.”  If a woman isn’t married by age 30, it is common for her to feel like an old spinster.  This differs a lot from women in the United States, many of whom are not even thinking about marriage until they are in their thirties.

The phenomenon of these leftover ladies happens to be one of the most talked about social topics today.  This is particularly true in light of the fact that so many Chinese women have made the decision to attend university not just for their Bachelors degree, but to go on to their M.A. or even Ph.D. – something that is highly revered in the U.S.

China values an educated woman, but there is a social stigma attached to women of a certain age that haven’t gotten married.  However, women’s views on marriage have also changed.  In the past, it was primarily about financial and cultural security.  Today, more women are marrying for love, and more of them are reaching this “leftover” age.

These women can turn to online dating sites in their quest to find love.  There are plenty of Western men – and some Chinese fellows as well – who are ready to meet them!