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What Chinese women might teach you about chopsticks

For a Westerner dating Chinese women, there is a lot to learn about the culture and history of China.  One very important aspect of the Chinese culture is eating.  People love to eat, especially those in China – and the country boasts one of the world’s greatest cuisines.

Chinese food

The Chinese eating culture has had centuries to cultivate, and many practices have evolved over the years that foreigners might find very different from their own.  Chinese women who date Western men might find it particularly charming and attractive if you take some time to learn about proper dining etiquette when it comes to chopsticks.

Here are some very important things to remember the next time you use chopsticks, particularly in China.

  • Don’t wave your chopsticks.  It is considered uncouth to wave your chopsticks in the air too much or play with them.
  • Don’t use your chopsticks like a skewer.  Chopsticks aren’t skewers or forks; so don’t use them as such.
  • Don’t stick your chopsticks into your food vertically.  Never stick your chopsticks into your food when not in use, especially rice.  At Chinese funerals, incense sticks are stuck into rice that is placed on the loved one’s altar.
  • Don’t drop your food.  Accidents happen, but try to ensure that you’ve exerted enough inward pressure on the chopsticks when using them to pick up your food.  It is considered bad form to drop food, so holding your bowl when serving yourself or eating is helpful.
  • Don’t use your chopsticks with central dishes.  It is often considered unhygienic to use the same chopsticks that have been in your mouth to take food from central, shared dishes.  Instead, use serving spoons or different chopsticks.

Before going to China, it is a good idea to get as much practice using chopsticks as possible.  This will ensure that you have the technique down and will surely impress any Chinese women you’ve been dating online!