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The do’s and don’ts of Asian dating

When it comes to Asian dating, there are a lot of cultural differences between western men and Chinese women and this can make the relationship particularly challenging. Dating across cultures is never easy, but it is possible with a little effort!

Dating someone, after all, is about finding that special someone, making a connection, and maybe even spending the rest of your life with that person! So, to reduce that cultural burden, here are a few do’s and don’ts that every western man should know about Asian dating.

Chinese sign

The do’s

On the first few dates, it is particularly important to be polite and gentle. Most Chinese women will not allow you to see the ‘real her’ until she has gotten to know you a lot better. This is particularly true of Chinese women when looking for love via online dating sites. Typically, they want a cross-cultural relationship, which is often completely different than dating someone from China.

Another helpful hint is to be generous with the compliments, but not overly so. Chinese women go to great lengths to be as beautiful as possible on romantic dates, so the effort should not go unnoticed. Because they want to make a good impression, a compliment will go a long way.

When dating a Chinese woman, it is important that you contribute to the conversation, perhaps taking the lead in the discussion every now and then. Chinese women often prefer talkative, confident men who have something interesting to say. And remember, some Chinese women may take a while to open up and be as talkative as they would be with an old friend, so give it a little time.

The don’ts

Although, as mentioned, Chinese women want a confident western man, being over confident can be a problem. Modesty is a virtue in the Chinese culture, so you should do your best to heed that rule. It is never a good idea to show off your superiority to others or to talk down to anyone else.

In western societies, dating often moves quite quickly from one stage to the next, but this is not always the case in China. Many Chinese women prefer to take the relationship step-by-step. This means that you might not always get a kiss on the first date, and if you should try, you might find that you will scare her away. The key is to pay attention to her cues and never assume.

Another thing to remember when dating a Chinese woman is to know that it is up to you – the man – to reach out and request the next date. In western dating scenarios, women often call to arrange the second date, but this is a big no-no in China. Do not assume that she will call you up if she wants to see you again because the chances are she will be waiting for your call.

Although these are not all of the ‘do’s and don’ts of Asian dating, they are a good start. So, have fun and good luck!