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The art of Chinese etiquette and dating Asian women

If you want to make a good impression on Asian women you can’t just rely on your native good manners.  The rules of polite behavior in Chinese society can be very different.  What’s more, if you date Asian women with a view to marriage, you will also need to impress their parents, so understanding etiquette is doubly important.

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Getting to know people

One of the reasons that, for Asian women, online dating holds so much appeal, is that it is generally considered impolite to introduce yourself to somebody directly.  In person, a mutual acquaintance will usually do this for you.  Online, if you take an interest in one of the beautiful women on our site, you can send a message through us so that, effectively, we can make the introduction.  If you travel to China to meet a woman you have fallen for, one of our staff members will accompany you to introduce you in person.

There is a formal, traditional order for group introductions that takes account of social status, seniority and gender.  This means introductions can sometimes take a while.  It’s important to be patient during this process and wait for your turn.

Managing emotions

There is a stereotype in the West that paints Chinese people as distant and mysterious.  This stems largely from a social code that says it’s polite to avoid displaying emotion in public.  Most importantly, if you want to be respected, you must never lose your temper.  If you find yourself disagreeing with someone, ask that person to help you understand.  Never directly accuse someone of making a mistake or being wrong.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, smiling can almost always get you out of it.  If you date with Asian women online you may find that sometimes they start arguments to see how far they can push you.  This is generally intended as playful behavior and it’s often accompanied by smiley face icons or smiling photographs that should make it clear what’s really going on.  Flattering a woman at this time can really make her like you.

Giving gifts

The concept of reciprocity is really important in Chinese etiquette.  Although it doesn’t apply when you are courting – you should flatter Asian women by paying for everything when you go out together and sending gifts and flowers when apart.  If you meet your Chinese sweetheart’s parents you will be expected to buy them gifts.  French red wine is particularly popular with men, while women love handcrafted items like scarves or jewelry.  You can also expect to receive gifts from them, and it’s important to respond graciously as if these have precisely equal value to you, no matter what they are.

Polite behavior for couples

No matter how emotional you may feel when you meet with Asian women you have been dating online for the first time, it’s important to show polite restraint.  Chinese couples do not kiss in public.  If things go well, she may be willing to hold your hand.  If she kisses you discreetly after your first date, you will know that things are going very well indeed.

Asian dating in China: Dragon Boat Festival 2014

If you have already established a romantic relationship online, it may be time to take the next step and do some Asian dating in China.  If you are considering heading to China to meet that special someone, it is important to learn about the local culture.

Culture plays a huge role in Asian dating in China, which means that as an American, you should make every effort to embrace it.  China has a very long history with some really fascinating aspects to its culture, with many celebrations throughout the year.  If you are planning a trip to China this summer, you might be interested in checking out the Dragon Boat Festival 2014.

Dragon Boat Festival

The premise of the festival is the representation of the rescue and recovery of the body of Qu Yuan.  He is said to have lived almost 2,000 years ago and was one of the country’s earliest famous poets.

It is good to know that the Dragon Boat Festival happens all over the country, not just in one place.  While some of the more metropolitan cities no longer practice many of the traditional and interesting customs, you might get a more authentic experience in more rural areas.  No matter where you go, there will always be dragon boat racing!

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is a statutory holiday that is held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar.  It is a wonderful Chinese tradition that involves lots of fun like hanging calamus, drinking Realgar wine, eating zongzi rice dumplings, and racing dragon boats.  It is fun for people of any age and from any country, so it is a great event to go on a first date.

Dating, love and marriage for single Chinese women

Despite all the changes that have occurred over the past few decades, life for single chinese women can be very different from the way it is for their counterparts in the West.  This is partly why, for a lot of Chinese women, dating sites that give the option to meet Western men are such an appealing choice.  Not only do they see Western men as particularly attractive, they may also, despite their beauty, not be properly appreciated by the men they meet in their own country.  Single Chinese women face pressures that outsiders don’t always anticipate.

Love and Marriage

The right age to date

In modern China there is a strong emphasis on the importance of education, so most girls don’t date, or get very little experience of dating, before they finish college.  They are then expected to find husbands and settle down.  If they haven’t done this by the age of about 27, people start to think of them as ‘left on the shelf’, and if they are still unmarried at 30, most Chinese men will not consider dating them.  Even more significantly in a society where blood relationships remain important throughout life, families will not consider them suitable wife material for their sons.

The result of this is that many attractive women, only a few years past marriageable age, can find themselves with limited romantic prospects in their own country.  For these Chinese women, online dating can be thrilling because it gives them the chance to meet men who want them for who they are.

Love and duty

Most Chinese women still grow up with a strong sense that it is their duty to marry and reproduce.  In particular, they are encouraged to marry men who are older, better educated, wealthier and of higher social status than they are.  This doesn’t leave much room for love and some will openly dismiss it as not very important.  Deep down, though, they are as excited by the idea of love and romance as anyone else.

Western men who date single Chinese women online are often seen as a dream come true. This is because they are not likely to turn their noses up at the age of the Chinese ladies they are getting to know.  Most appealing, though, is the prospect of meeting a man who is actually looking for love and is prepared to be romantic.  If a Chinese woman can meet somebody she clicks with and has the chance to fall in love with them, she will be very happy indeed.


Because of the cultural importance of family and respectability, and because of the dreams they have grown up with, most of the single chinese women on our site are looking to get married: they simply need to find a lucky man to do so with.  If you make an effort to understand them and give them the life partner they’ve been looking for, one of those lucky men could be you.