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Dating Asian singles

Dating Asian singles? Consider a visit to Beijing

Millions of visitors flock to Beijing every year to see the capital of China, making it one of the most visited cities in the country, so why not take a trip there while dating Asian singles?

The vibrant jumble of neighborhoods, districts, and sights has a long and rich history that goes back more than 3,000 years.  It is also a city that was seemingly transformed almost overnight as officials prepared for the 2008 Olympics.


Within the city’s borders, the perfect mixture of old and new abounds.  Gone are many of the lively old alleyway neighborhoods known as hutongs, and in their place stand glittering towers reminiscent of soaring diamonds.

Situated in the city’s northwestern suburbs at the feet of the Western Hills, the Beijing Botanical Garden is a great place to visit when dating Asian singles, especially in the spring when the peach trees are blooming.  The garden is also home to China’s largest plant collection, a state-of-the-art greenhouse, and a variety of different gardens.

The ancient observatory dating back to the time of Genghis Khan is also a sight to see.  To China’s ancient imperial rulers, interpreting the heavens and stargazing was the key to maintaining power.  Records of observations at this site date back more than 500 years, making it the world’s longest documented astronomical viewing site.

Taking in the historic charm of the city is an essential aspect of any trip to Beijing, but doing a little shopping never hurts.  The quaint old street of Liulichang, also known as “Antiques Street,” was built during the Ming Dynasty and now features a multitude of small shops, boutiques, and galleries.  Over the years, the street became the meeting place for intellectuals and today is a prime shopping spot for art, books, antiques, and local treasures

Dating Asian singles and “little emperors”

For Western men, it is important to understand that dating Asian singles is a little different than dating women from their own culture.  In fact, if they’re not prepared, they may be in store for a real culture shock.

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There are so many differences between Chinese and Western culture – from the types of food to the interactions between family members.  It is particularly interesting to note how the country’s one-child policy may have actually influenced the way many of today’s Asian singles behave, especially in a romantic relationship.

The first thing to understand is that the very first generation of children born under China’s one-child policy just recently entered their early thirties.  And it is many of these individuals that are out there looking for love right now.  The policy was put into place to help control the population, and all of these only children were dubbed “little emperors” because they were coddled and spoiled by their parents.

It’s probably true that the Chinese government wasn’t thinking about the future love lives of these children when they implemented the one-child policy, but the policy has had a great impact.  This is particularly true when Chinese girls interact with their boyfriends.  They like to ‘sajiao,’ or act like a spoilt child – tantrums and all.  It is customary for the men to ‘honghong,’ or comfort and humor them.

This type of behavior can seem shocking to Westerners, especially to those unfamiliar with the Chinese culture.  Some men find the behavior childish and disrespectful – if that is the case, he may want to consider dating women from a different culture. However, for those men that are willing to embrace and learn about the Chinese customs and seek out Asian singles, he may be rewarded with a very beautiful, loyal, and loving wife someday!