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Asian dating: “I’ll call you”

In Asian dating or any other kind of dating, hearing the words “I’ll call you” can lead to a strange sensation in the pit of your stomach.  In fact, there might never be another phrase on earth that is more simultaneously dreaded and yearned for.

Phone With Red Heart

What is it about this little phrase that inspires such mixed feelings in so many people?  If a woman wants to go out on a date or see a particular suitor again, these three little words evoke feelings of hope, wonder, and possibility.  On the other hand, these same women might also be experiencing dread, fear, and self-doubt.  Why?

There’s no surefire way of knowing if he really means that he will call. Is he just saying that he wants to see you again?  Often, love hopefuls will wait by the phone or check their cell phone relentlessly in the days following the date.  In Asian dating, the suspense can be even more intense when it involves suitors a world away.

What should you do when someone utters these words to you?

The first thing you should do is to take it easy.  Often, women think that the guy just isn’t into them if he hasn’t called within the first 24 hours.  In the same case, the guy might just be waiting for the right time to call.  We think that if the follow-up call hasn’t been made within a week, it is time to let it go and move on.  Remember, if someone really wants to see you again, they’ll make it happen.  Don’t pine away with the “what ifs.”

Are today’s Asian singles traditional Chinese women?

A frequently asked question among Western men is whether or not today’s Asian singles are anything like the traditional Chinese woman.  The truth is that there is no clear-cut answer.

Chinese women 1

China has an ancient culture and a long history, and many women do respect their cultural heritage.  However, that doesn’t mean that Asian singles of today aren’t also completely modern, despite having deeply traditional roots.
So, what is a traditional Chinese woman?  Historically speaking, men have been seen as the center of the family as China has a traditionally patriarchal society.  Dating back to the time of Confucius, ancestral rites and familial ties were highly favored and women’s roles were seen primarily as kinship roles such as wife, mother, daughter, sister, and so on.  Within these traditional roles, women were expected to comply with the wishes of the men in their lives.  This meant they obeyed their fathers when they were unmarried, their husbands, and then their sons if they ever became widowed.

In later centuries, the roles shifted slightly and the roles of men and women were seen in terms of yin (women) and yang (men).  Women, as yin, were seen as receptive, passive, soft, and tranquil while men were the dominating opposite.  It is important to note that in this traditional sense, it is not a social separation between men and women, but rather a natural one; the universe has two forces that complement each other completely.

It is these basic principles from which the premise of the “traditional Chinese woman” hails.  While many people still hold these views sacred, the modern Chinese woman is a much more authoritative force than ever before – in a good way!

Are subservient Chinese girls a myth?

We all know that there are a lot of stereotypes out there about Chinese girls, including that they are often subservient when it comes to their personal relationships with men.  We’ve also heard that some stereotypes are based at least partly in truth.

Racial stereotypes

What does “subservient” actually mean?  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word is an adjective describing someone who is “very willing or too willing to obey someone else.”  If you’ve met any Chinese girls, you might have already realized that this definition does not work for most of them.

If this stereotype has any truth to it at all, it might come from the fact that the Chinese culture is very male-dominated.  In the most traditional and stereotypical sense, Chinese women are expected to serve their men.  Chinese women are also expected to keep quiet and not draw attention to their thoughts or openly disagree with their husbands.

This subservient woman might have been prominent in years past, but today, young Chinese women are more empowered than ever, which might make them even more attractive to Western men.

It is important to remember that stereotypes can be hurtful, and as you date Chinese women, you should keep that in mind.  They can even be damaging to self-esteem and they cause many misconceptions about a particular group.  Although it can be hard to get such ideas out of your head, make an effort so that you do not jeopardize a potentially long and rewarding relationship.

Using an Asian singles site? Avoid international dating scams

Using an Asian singles dating site can be a great way to meet new people and maybe even find the love of your life.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where internet fraud is prevalent.  That’s why you need to be vigilant when dating online.

Online Dating

As long as you pay attention, it is easy to avoid falling prey to an international dating scam when using a website to meet Asian singles.  In most cases, the people you are interacting with are going to be genuine and are participating in the online experience to meet someone like you.

Just to be on the safe side, here are some things to watch out for.

  • Hungry for money.  You’ve been communicating with the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on and have been exchanging messages fairly consistently.  Suddenly, she’s spinning a story of hardship – a local disaster or an illness in her family.  You want to be the guy that helps her out.  Unfortunately, this is a pretty common online dating scam, so be wary of anyone who asks for – or leads you to offer – considerable amounts of money.
  • Identity theft.  You probably already know about the many different phishing scams that are out there – official-looking messages that trick people into revealing sensitive financial and personal information.  When dating online, do not reveal any personal details that could be used to drain your bank account.  Always be on the lookout for phishing attempts, which can come via chat, email, or even web conferencing!
  • Model shots.  Some people do upload professional photos to their online dating profile, but that isn’t the norm.  If you notice a particularly beautiful picture – something that seems like a pro shot it – there is a chance that it is a stock photo from a modeling agency.  Sometimes, con artists pretend to be someone they are not to extort money from their victims.

The good news is that the majority of online dating interactions are not a scam; people really have found true love via the internet!  If you think you want that chance, just keep these basic “red flags” in mind and get started today!