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At what age does Chinese dating typically lead to marriage?

Much of the time, Chinese dating leads directly to marriage.  For those individuals from China, this isn’t much of a shock.  However, for Western men dating Chinese women, this knowledge can be a little surprising.


Most of us understand that when you date someone, there is the possibility that the sounds of wedding bells could soon fill the air.  However, when it comes to Chinese dating, this often happens faster than Westerners realize.

In China, most women get married before the age of 26.  If they aren’t married by the age of 28, they are often referred to as “leftover.”  If a woman isn’t married by age 30, it is common for her to feel like an old spinster.  This differs a lot from women in the United States, many of whom are not even thinking about marriage until they are in their thirties.

The phenomenon of these leftover ladies happens to be one of the most talked about social topics today.  This is particularly true in light of the fact that so many Chinese women have made the decision to attend university not just for their Bachelors degree, but to go on to their M.A. or even Ph.D. – something that is highly revered in the U.S.

China values an educated woman, but there is a social stigma attached to women of a certain age that haven’t gotten married.  However, women’s views on marriage have also changed.  In the past, it was primarily about financial and cultural security.  Today, more women are marrying for love, and more of them are reaching this “leftover” age.

These women can turn to online dating sites in their quest to find love.  There are plenty of Western men – and some Chinese fellows as well – who are ready to meet them!

Winning the hearts of Chinese women

There is no doubt that American men and Chinese women come from very different cultures, and we all know that dating someone from a different culture isn’t always easy, especially when one of the cultures is steeped in tradition.  In China, many women are traditionalists at heart, even if they live a very modern life.

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Here are some basic tips for dating Chinese women. Hopefully this advice will help you win her heart!

  • Personal hygiene is important.  Chinese women are often likened to porcelain dolls on account of their fair skin and neat appearance.  Personal hygiene is essential.  When spending time with a Chinese lady, be sure to be as clean and groomed as possible.  This is something that every woman will appreciate.
  • Punctuality is important.  In China, time is important and punctuality is often seen as a sign of respect.  Arrive about five minutes earlier than expected so that no one is left waiting on you.
  • Gifts are important.  While you don’t have to bring gifts on each and every date, Chinese women love to be pampered and showered with love and affection.  Again, this is something that is true of many women.  Go for something simple, like a single long-stemmed rose every once in a while, and you’re sure to make an impression.
  • Conversation is important.  Conversation is important, especially for the first date.  Ask her things about herself and get to know her better.  Go ahead and do a little research on Chinese culture to show you appreciate her heritage and are interested in learning more.

Asian dating and mixed marriages

Although Asian dating and mixed marriages seem pretty commonplace today, this wasn’t always the case.  In fact, such relationships have historically been frowned upon in mainland China.

The Chinese culture has always been very different from that of most countries in the West.  Several decades ago, public displays of affection and discussions of sex were both punished and thought to be Western spiritual pollution.

Rings with roses

In the past, families would often disown children who dated or married a foreigner, especially if that foreigner happened to be an American, and social isolation was the norm in these cases.  It was not unheard of for universities to expel students for dating or marrying non-Chinese individuals.

It is important not to let the history of Asian dating and mixed marriages deter you.  Although it has been a long, bumpy road, the number of Chinese women marrying foreign-born men has gradually risen over time.  A revolution of sorts has taken place that has changed the way people dress and how they display their affection, and inhibitions about sex have diminished.

What many Chinese people are learning is that a mixed marriage is a great opportunity to travel, learn about other cultures, and explore the world.  Speaking English in China is also grounds for higher pay and more job opportunities.

Despite these cultural setbacks that are slowly going away, there is one thing to remember: follow your heart!

What’s different about dating single Asian women?

As you may have already figured out, dating single Asian women is often a little different than dating single white women, partially because China is a very old nation with thousands of years of continuous tradition.

Asian dating - marriage

Though the basics of dating are pretty much the same, there are quite a few things that are different about dating single Asian women.  Here are some examples:

  • When dating begins.  In China, college entrance examinations are top priority, so dating is typically not tolerated among high school students.  This doesn’t mean that Chinese women don’t have teenage crushes; it just means that they enter college with a lot less romantic experience than women in other countries.
  • There’s a purpose.  In China, people tend to take a very pragmatic approach to dating.  Often, dating isn’t as much about finding a soul mate as it is about finding a marriage partner that meshes with one’s ideals and stability.
  • Parents are involved.  Though all parents are different, in China, they are often more involved in their children’s romantic relationships.  In the United States, this is often seen as meddling, but in China, it is sometimes welcomed.
  • In the bedroom.  Typically, premarital sex is pretty rare in China, and is taken more seriously than it is in most Western cultures.  Though attitudes toward sexual activity are changing, many Chinese women view sex as a stepping-stone to marriage.
  • The ultimate goal.  Throughout China, the primary goal of most romantic relationships is marriage – and lots of Chinese young adults are under familial pressure to find a good spouse.  This is particularly true for ‘leftover’ women – those who are pushing 30 but still haven’t landed a man.


Sure, these things are all generalizations, and certainly do not apply to every single Chinese person out there, but they are worth mentioning since it may help make some of those cultural nuances a little easier to understand.