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The engagement ring and Asian dating

When it comes to Asian dating, there’s no question that common practices and customs differ greatly from those in the West, so why wouldn’t engagement customs also be unique? Many times, Western men are surprised by just how different things really are.

Engagement ring

What happens when Asian dating leads a couple to fall in love? The result is frequently the same as it is in the West: a marriage proposal ensues.

Does a Chinese woman expect an engagement ring? The short answer is both yes and no. Traditionally, there is no engagement ring custom in China. Nevertheless, many modern Chinese couples follow the trend of American couples and get engagement rings. When a couple marries, neither wears a ring in the traditional sense. In fact, most women wear a gold or silver bracelet engraved with a phoenix or dragon instead.

The engagement ring is a symbol of a couple’s love and intention to marry. It’s a wonderful idea, but in the modern United States, this tradition has fallen by the wayside. The engagement ring is less about what the ring actually represents and more about the ring itself. It’s about how much the guy spends and the cut, clarity, color and carat.

If you are planning to ask your special girl to marry you, there is no proper engagement ring requirement. If you do want to get her a ring, think about what she might like. Have fun with it and don’t limit yourself to just diamonds and platinum. You can choose anything based on her personal preference.