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Do parents influence Asian singles dating choices?

There are some fundamental differences in Asian singles dating compared to dating among Westerners, but with a little knowledge, the experience can be a lot more rewarding.  China is a country steeped in history, culture and tradition, so it makes sense that these elements would come together in the romance department.


One topic that often comes up is the role that parents play in Asian singles dating.  Not every family follows the old tradition, but it is common for parents to have a say in traditional Chinese families.


Traditionally, Chinese parents want their daughters to marry older men.  Status and image are important in this culture, and older men have had the chance to establish this.  There does seem to be a double standard, as Chinese men are not expected to marry older women.


According to custom, the ethnic background of a potential mate does play a role.  Although this is not always the case today, many Chinese families object to racial differences when it comes to romantic relationships.  In fact, marrying someone from another race might be considered disgraceful.

Social status

In China, it is very important to “save face” and many still believe that the actions of one relative reflect on the family as a whole.  Therefore, dating the wrong person – or even associating with an unsavory individual – can bring disgrace and embarrassment to the entire family.  Chinese parents also usually prefer that their children date people who are already known to them through family and friends.

Because family is such an important aspect of the Chinese culture, it is not surprising that even in these modern times, parents can still influence who their children date and marry.  This sense of custom and respect can make it very hard for a Chinese person to go against his or her family’s wishes.

Chinese dating tips for Western men

At first glance, Chinese dating can seem extremely complicated.  It’s certainly very different from dating in the West, with much more focus placed on getting to know each other in the company of others before any more intimate encounter is suggested.  In practice, however, it doesn’t take long to find you feet, and Chinese women will understand if you make minor mistakes.  After all, it is partly your different cultural background that’s appealing to them.

Even when you’re using an online Chinese dating site, you’re likely to be more successful if you understand the different expectations Chinese ladies have.

The importance of romance

For most Chinese women, dating is a serious matter, not something they rush into or treat lightly.  It is usually seen as a prelude to a serious commitment and often marriage will come up in conversation early on.  To impress a Chinese woman, it’s important to show her that you are serious.  This is partly done by sending love notes, which our team can translate for you, and partly by sending gifts.  We make it easy to send flowers, which are always warmly received.

Sometimes a Chinese woman will complain about a gift or about something you have said and will appear to get angry. This is usually what is called sajiao; it’s a sort of test of love.  The proper response is to spoil her and show her that she is adored.  If she likes you, this will quickly win her over and you will see that she was being playful.

How to present yourself

China is still a country where it is considered very important that a man can provide for a woman.  As a Westerner, you will already be seen as having high social status, which gives you an advantage, but it’s also important to dress smartly and to make your wealth visible.  If you own a mortgaged house and a modest car, these will still be seen as symbols of great wealth by Chinese standards.

Chinese dating in China

Reliable Chinese dating sites like ours are a great way to meet beautiful Chinese ladies, but sooner or later you are likely to want to go to China to meet them.  First dates usually involve meeting in the company of friends.  We can send a member of our team with you so that you’re not alone and you have help with the language.  The date will most often be in a restaurant and you will be expected to pay for your date’s meal.  If the date goes well and she agrees to another, she is signalling a serious interest.

Sex after a date is unusual but it does happen.  In most situations, if a woman you have met on an online Chinese dating site agrees to have sex with you, it’s because she believes you will marry her.

The importance of family

If you want to marry or have a lasting relationship with a woman you meet on a Chinese dating site online, you will have to win the approval of her family.  The most important way to do this is to be polite, but small gifts for her parents at each meeting are a big help, showing your sincerity.