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Asian dating on Halloween

This week, we’ll be celebrating Halloween in the United States, which is a time best known for trick-or-treating, costumes, and lots of parties.  If you are part of an Asian dating relationship, is there anything special you need to know?  Do they celebrate Halloween in China?

The Chinese don’t celebrate Halloween quite like Westerners do, but they do have a similar celebration called the Hungry Ghost Festival.

In order to better understand the differences, we should keep in mind that Halloween is based on “the day of the dead”.  This is a day on which ghosts can cross the boundary between the living and the dead.  The Chinese have a similar belief.


On the days of the Ghost Month, which is usually in August, it is said that the ghosts are very active among the living, particularly on the night of the full moon.  On this night in particular, the living must take special precautions to honor the dead in order to avoid attacks or pranks from them.  There are a number of special ceremonies, performances, and offerings left for the ghosts to show that the living still honor them.  When the ghosts are pleased, they will help and protect the living.  When they are not happy, they can wreak havoc!

In the past, this festival was quite serious, but it has become more light-hearted in modern times.  However, Halloween celebrations in the West are much more easygoing and fun than those in the East, where there is still a sense of solemnity.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is an interesting experience, especially for foreigners who have never participated in this tradition.  If Asian dating brings you to China during these festivities, you might want to ask your date to accompany you.

Popcorn and movie stubs

Asian dating ideas: Asian horror movie night

Since October is upon us and Halloween is right around the corner, you might be in the mood for some spooky Asian dating ideas. How about a Chinese horror movie night with your lucky lady?

Although the kung fu genre might very well be China’s most popular, the country has released some of the scariest horror flicks to date. You might not have heard of these films, but here are five scary movies to get started with:

  • A Chinese Ghost StoryThis 1987 movie is actually a romantic horror film based loosely on the writings of Qing Dynasty scribe Pu Songling. It was popular at its time of release, so it is pretty easy to find. It stars Joey Wong, Leslie Cheung and Wu Ma.
  • The Lonely Spirit in an Old BuildingProduced by several teachers at the Beijing Film Academy, this 1989 film is a classic Chinese horror movie. It was banned at the time due to it scaring an old man to death.
  • Painted SkinThis movie isn’t particularly frightening, but it is a demon tale with a whole lot of kung fu mixed in. This 2008 film starring Betty Sun, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun and Donnie Yen is based on a short story by Pu Songling.
  • The Phantom LoverThis 1995 movie is a remake of the classic Chinese horror movie Song at Midnight (1937). It is heartbreakingly beautiful, haunting and a little scary.
  • The Game of KillingStarring Xiao Ran Li, Jia Song, Fan Liao, and Roy Cheungk, this 2004 movie seems like it might just be about four hit men getting together on Fridays for poker, but what’s lurking in the shadows?

Just remember, Asian dating doesn’t have to be any different from other kind of dating. No matter what cultures or countries you are both from, chances are everyone loves movie night!