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Chinese dating and holding hands

Chinese dating can be fun and filled with lots of excitement, but as a Westerner interested in Chinese women, it is important to understand that there are lots of cultural and social differences when it comes to romance.

Consider what’s happening in a high school in the Henan Province, located in central China.  School officials at Yanshi High School have banned boys and girls from holding hands on campus in an effort to thwart romantic relationships.

Holding hands

Violating this rule could result in expulsion from school after the initial offense. First-time offenders receive a warning and are suspended from school for at least a week of self-reflection.  In fact, the rule goes beyond just holding hands; students are also prohibited from falling in love.

Although the school says it made these rules in order to create an environment conducive to serious study and good behavior, it is receiving its fair share of criticism.  Many people believe that the bans are against human nature. After all, how can you prohibit someone from falling in love?

Yanshi High School isn’t the only establishment to institute such rules.  For example, in Hangzhou of the Zhejiang Province, male and female students at Changhe High School are not permitted to be alone together and must always stay at least 20 inches apart.  Another school forbids female teachers from wearing strong perfumes or black stockings so as to not entice the male students.

Needless to say, the views of Chinese dating in China are a lot different than those in the West.