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Hong Kong

Romantic Asian dating in Hong Kong

When it comes to the most romantic cities in the world, Hong Kong might not immediately come to mind. You might be surprised to learn that despite its fast pace and bright lights, there are a number of romantic spots there that are simply perfect for romantic Asian dating.

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Whether you are stopping in Hong Kong for a quick visit or heading there to meet the girl you met on an Asian dating site, keep these romantic ideas in mind:

  • Visit Victoria Peak. What is it about heights and romance? Cozy up to your honey on the Peak Tram as you take in impressive views of the Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbor. On a clear night, the views are simply stunning. Be sure to save time for a stroll along the many trails or make a nighttime dinner reservation overlooking the city.
  • Cruise Victoria Harbor. Victoria Harbor is impressive to see from above, but a romantic harbor cruise is also pretty special. Hong Kong’s skyline is even more magical as it reflects off the water while you float through the harbor on a traditional junk boat, ferry, or dinner cruise.
  • Shower her with flowers. There are many fresh flower markets in Mong Kok, so why not shower her with a bouquet of beautiful flowers? Every girl loves to receive flowers, even if she says otherwise. You don’t have to buy them all; walking through the shops and stalls is pleasant enough for an afternoon stroll.
  • Dine in a private kitchen. Dining in a private kitchen is all the culinary rage in Hong Kong right now, so why not try it out? This type of dining is especially romantic because it will just be the two of you or several small groups. Finding the best private kitchen will take some time and planning, but it is well worth it.

Who says Hong Kong can’t be romantic?

Asian dating at the Hong Kong Book Fair

Lots of men are initially interested in Asian dating because they think Chinese women are meek, subservient, and quiet, but they are quickly surprised when they find out the opposite is usually true.  The idea of the subservient Chinese woman is an overrated stereotype; the truth of the matter is that many of them are educated, assertive, and smart.

Hong Kong

Armed with this knowledge, you might find that the Hong Kong Book Fair is a great place for Asian dating.  If you are planning to travel to China in July, the book fair will be taking place from July 16th through the 22nd and is a great way for book lovers to spend their day.

Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council every year, the Hong Kong Book Fair is intended to promote the local reading culture.  This year’s theme happens to be “Reading the World – Reading for a Better World.”

Attendees will get to explore new book exhibits, media products, reading and writing workshops, seminars, and panel sessions.  There will also be author autograph sessions as well as plenty of opportunities to buy books!

Asian dating isn’t just about flowers and dinner; it can be a highly intellectual experience when you meet the right person, which is why this book fair might very well be a great way to start off your trip.

The Hong Kong Book Fair will be held at the Hong Kong Convention Center and costs $25 HKD for adults.