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Many Chinese girls like comfort food (especially KFC)

The idea of indulging in comfort food after a breakup isn’t exclusive to women in the West; Chinese girls often go through the same thing. Just ask Tan Shen, a 26-year-old newly single lady from Chengdu, China.

Fast food restaurants in Shanghai, China

After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Shen had a craving for some comfort food – chicken wings specifically – so she headed over to the nearest KFC, where she wound up nursing her broken heart for an entire week. Although she didn’t plan to stay at the fast-food restaurant for so long, she felt that she couldn’t go back to her apartment, which was filled with memories of her relationship.

We’ve heard of taking some time to think after the end of a romance, but a week in KFC is an unusual measure. Hopefully a week of chicken did the trick. She ended up leaving after the local media showed up.

Although the story of Tan Shen might seem heartbreaking, it just goes to show that Chinese girls, despite their air of mystery and appeal, are just like anyone else; they can be shattered by a breakup.

Take some time to think about why you’ve joined an online dating site. Have you just gotten over a relationship and are looking for a new love? If so, keep in mind that the ladies you’re interested in might be seeking the very same thing!