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Single Chinese women looking for love abroad

Cultures vary all over the world, but one thing usually remains the same: everyone wants a little love and romance.  However, if single Chinese women looking for love don’t find it by a certain age, they are branded as ‘leftovers.’

Chinese dating

‘Leftover women,’ or ‘shengnu’ as they are called in Chinese, may sound a little unsavory, but the truth is, these single Chinese women are typically in their mid-to-late twenties (or older) and are very well educated – in other cultures, they’d seem like quite the catch!  What makes them ‘leftovers’ is the fact that they just haven’t been able to get married yet, often because they are focusing on their career or haven’t met the right guy.

Sometimes, the leftovers are the best part of the meal.  Many shengnu are the absolute essence of modern Chinese women: better educated and more accomplished than even some of her male counterparts.  However, there is an intense pressure to marry from both the state media and relatives for women – and men – in China.

In China, it is the parents that often take it upon themselves to play matchmaker for their children – many times, it is because of Mom and Dad that unmarried individuals attend things like marriage markets and large-scale speed dating events.

The Chinese culture refers to its ‘leftover women’ as those that have failed to find a husband by a certain age.  The term ‘shengnu’ specifically targets those ladies that have chosen to pursue education and careers.  These forward-thinking females are often rejected on blind dates because they are more educated than the men trying to date them.

Because of these challenges, many single Chinese women are looking overseas for their soul mate.

Either way, these leftovers seem like a great catch!