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Saying “I love you” and Asian singles

You signed up online to meet and date Asian singles, and now you’ve finally met that special someone.  You think you’re in love!  Now all you need to do is tell her about your feelings.


Saying “I love you” can be scary, exciting, and life changing, especially when that person loves you back.  Saying these three little words to Asian singles isn’t much different from saying them to anyone else.  How should you take the plunge?

There are a number of ways you can do this, but you might not want to just blurt it out.  Here are some fun ideas you might consider:

  • Be funny.  You fell in love with her because she’s funny and charming, right?  Why not add a little humor to your special message?  For example, make a fun analogy showing how much you care.  Can’t live without sugar in your tea?  Let her know that’s how you also feel about her!
  • Put it in writing.  No, we don’t mean a contract!  Spell it out in rose petals on the living room floor or sketch the words in the sand.  A love message delivered in this way is particularly romantic and memorable.
  • Flash mob, anyone?  If you’re into the latest trends, try a flash mob in a very public place.  However, this might take a lot more planning and cause a lot more embarrassment than you anticipate.
  • Fine art.  Do you have a creative side?  Incorporate your love into your art.  Put it into a painting or photograph.  For a fun twist, do a play on words using images to tell her exactly how you feel.

Just remember, when you first tell her you love her, you’re going to be nervous.  This is normal.  It might help to keep in mind that she’s probably just as nervous as you are.

Dating, love and marriage for single Chinese women

Despite all the changes that have occurred over the past few decades, life for single chinese women can be very different from the way it is for their counterparts in the West.  This is partly why, for a lot of Chinese women, dating sites that give the option to meet Western men are such an appealing choice.  Not only do they see Western men as particularly attractive, they may also, despite their beauty, not be properly appreciated by the men they meet in their own country.  Single Chinese women face pressures that outsiders don’t always anticipate.

Love and Marriage

The right age to date

In modern China there is a strong emphasis on the importance of education, so most girls don’t date, or get very little experience of dating, before they finish college.  They are then expected to find husbands and settle down.  If they haven’t done this by the age of about 27, people start to think of them as ‘left on the shelf’, and if they are still unmarried at 30, most Chinese men will not consider dating them.  Even more significantly in a society where blood relationships remain important throughout life, families will not consider them suitable wife material for their sons.

The result of this is that many attractive women, only a few years past marriageable age, can find themselves with limited romantic prospects in their own country.  For these Chinese women, online dating can be thrilling because it gives them the chance to meet men who want them for who they are.

Love and duty

Most Chinese women still grow up with a strong sense that it is their duty to marry and reproduce.  In particular, they are encouraged to marry men who are older, better educated, wealthier and of higher social status than they are.  This doesn’t leave much room for love and some will openly dismiss it as not very important.  Deep down, though, they are as excited by the idea of love and romance as anyone else.

Western men who date single Chinese women online are often seen as a dream come true. This is because they are not likely to turn their noses up at the age of the Chinese ladies they are getting to know.  Most appealing, though, is the prospect of meeting a man who is actually looking for love and is prepared to be romantic.  If a Chinese woman can meet somebody she clicks with and has the chance to fall in love with them, she will be very happy indeed.


Because of the cultural importance of family and respectability, and because of the dreams they have grown up with, most of the single chinese women on our site are looking to get married: they simply need to find a lucky man to do so with.  If you make an effort to understand them and give them the life partner they’ve been looking for, one of those lucky men could be you.

Single Chinese women looking for love abroad

Cultures vary all over the world, but one thing usually remains the same: everyone wants a little love and romance.  However, if single Chinese women looking for love don’t find it by a certain age, they are branded as ‘leftovers.’

Chinese dating

‘Leftover women,’ or ‘shengnu’ as they are called in Chinese, may sound a little unsavory, but the truth is, these single Chinese women are typically in their mid-to-late twenties (or older) and are very well educated – in other cultures, they’d seem like quite the catch!  What makes them ‘leftovers’ is the fact that they just haven’t been able to get married yet, often because they are focusing on their career or haven’t met the right guy.

Sometimes, the leftovers are the best part of the meal.  Many shengnu are the absolute essence of modern Chinese women: better educated and more accomplished than even some of her male counterparts.  However, there is an intense pressure to marry from both the state media and relatives for women – and men – in China.

In China, it is the parents that often take it upon themselves to play matchmaker for their children – many times, it is because of Mom and Dad that unmarried individuals attend things like marriage markets and large-scale speed dating events.

The Chinese culture refers to its ‘leftover women’ as those that have failed to find a husband by a certain age.  The term ‘shengnu’ specifically targets those ladies that have chosen to pursue education and careers.  These forward-thinking females are often rejected on blind dates because they are more educated than the men trying to date them.

Because of these challenges, many single Chinese women are looking overseas for their soul mate.

Either way, these leftovers seem like a great catch!

Asian singles – your passport to love

If you’ve used Asian singles site to find the love of your life, chances are you’re probably going to head overseas at some point. Depending on where you live and where you’re going, you may or may not need a visa, but you will definitely need a valid passport!


If you are planning a trip overseas to meet your one and only, you might appreciate these tips to help you get started.

  • Timing is everything – Typically, it takes several weeks for a passport application to be processed, so be sure to register with plenty of time to spare.  If you don’t mind an extra fee and are running short on time, there are accelerated processing options.
  • Gather the necessary paperwork – In order to obtain a passport, you’re going to need proof of identity and citizenship.  There are a number of different documents you can use, so be sure to check the issuing authority’s website so that you aren’t wasting your time.
  • Pose for a picture – Just as you did with your Asian singles profile, you’re going to need to pose for a passport photo.  There are specific requirements as to the size, background, and your face must be clearly visible.  You can usually get this done at a local drugstore or post office.
  • Keep the passport safe – Once you have your passport, be sure to keep it safe – especially when you travel.  You’ll need it at Customs and Border Protection, so carry it with you and never place it in your checked luggage.  It’s also a good idea to make a few copies of the passport and keep them in a safe place.

Getting your passport is easy as long as you are prepared, but it is well worth it!  Soon you’ll be on your way to meeting that special someone face-to-face and starting the next wonderful chapter in your life!