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At what age does Chinese dating typically lead to marriage?

Much of the time, Chinese dating leads directly to marriage.  For those individuals from China, this isn’t much of a shock.  However, for Western men dating Chinese women, this knowledge can be a little surprising.


Most of us understand that when you date someone, there is the possibility that the sounds of wedding bells could soon fill the air.  However, when it comes to Chinese dating, this often happens faster than Westerners realize.

In China, most women get married before the age of 26.  If they aren’t married by the age of 28, they are often referred to as “leftover.”  If a woman isn’t married by age 30, it is common for her to feel like an old spinster.  This differs a lot from women in the United States, many of whom are not even thinking about marriage until they are in their thirties.

The phenomenon of these leftover ladies happens to be one of the most talked about social topics today.  This is particularly true in light of the fact that so many Chinese women have made the decision to attend university not just for their Bachelors degree, but to go on to their M.A. or even Ph.D. – something that is highly revered in the U.S.

China values an educated woman, but there is a social stigma attached to women of a certain age that haven’t gotten married.  However, women’s views on marriage have also changed.  In the past, it was primarily about financial and cultural security.  Today, more women are marrying for love, and more of them are reaching this “leftover” age.

These women can turn to online dating sites in their quest to find love.  There are plenty of Western men – and some Chinese fellows as well – who are ready to meet them!

K-1 visa makes it easier to marry single Asian women

Men who want to marry single Asian women must do a little more than simply meet the right girl and fall in love in order to live out their dreams.  Citizenship issues often come up, which is why it is important to know about the K-1 visa.

Fiancee visa

The K-1 visa is the answer to the prayers of men who want to marry single Asian women.  The fiancée K-1 non-immigrant visa is for the foreign-citizen fiancée of an American citizen.  This visa allows the person to come to the United States and marry her fiancé within 90 days of arrival.  After the marriage, the foreign citizen will need to apply for an adjustment of her status to become a permanent resident.  Children of K-1 visa applicants will receive K-2 visas if they are eligible.

This is a rather simple process.  Of course, there are a few legal requirements stipulated by U.S. immigration law.  For example, both the American citizen and the foreign-citizen fiancée must be legally free to marry when the petition is filed and remain as such afterward.  The marriage must also be legally possible according to the laws in the state where the marriage will take place.

Typically, the visa is not issued to couples that have not met in person, and the meeting must have taken place in the past two years for it to count.  In extreme situations, exceptions have been made, although a petition must be filed.

When Chinese dating leads to a wedding

Chinese dating can often lead to marriage, which ultimately means that there is going to be a wedding.  This is an exciting time, but for a groom who is not fully immersed into the Chinese culture, a Chinese wedding can be a bit different from what he might be expecting.

Some grooms-to-be might experience a little bit of culture shock because Chinese wedding customs are a lot different than those in the West.  If you didn’t take the time to learn about the culture when you started Chinese dating, now is definitely the time!


Here are some basic guidelines.  Keep in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive, so additional research might be a good idea:

  • Picking up the bride.  One of the high points of a Chinese wedding is when the groom picks up his bride.  You must pass various tests of strength and intelligence, one of which involves preparing red envelopes filled with money to distribute to the bride’s family in order to take her away to her new life.
  • The marriage toast.  Much like Western weddings, the bride and groom drink to a toast. However, this has a greater significance in the Chinese wedding celebration.  The couple stand and face each other and each person takes a glass of wine.  They then intertwine their arms and each of them drinks the other’s entire glass.  This binds the marriage.
  • Disturbing the nuptial chamber.  Don’t worry; this isn’t quite what it sounds like!  This tradition is a fun and interesting way to wish the newlyweds good luck.  Friends and relatives think up various entertaining skits that the couple must act out in front of the entire wedding party.  Don’t be embarrassed… it’s all in good fun!

Green card tips for men marrying single Asian women

For many American men, marrying single Asian women is a reality, but getting a green card for that new spouse can be a challenge.  There are a number of special instructions for permanent residents and US citizens that want to petition for a fiancée or spouse from China.

US citizenship

Often, when US residents look into marrying single Asian women, they want to find out how to bring their new spouse to the country for a long and happy life together.  Getting a green card is an important part of this – the green card indicates that a person is a lawful permanent resident.

On a very basic level, marrying a US citizen or lawful permanent resident allows foreign-born people a direct link to US immigration.  However, simply getting married doesn’t guarantee a green card to any person despite common belief.  What does happen when a US citizen marries a foreigner is that the new spouse becomes an ‘Immediate relative’ and may get a green card once the application process is complete – this can take several months.

Getting a green card is a pretty involved process with multiple steps, which include submitting forms and providing a lot of different documentation.  The person applying for the green card must also attend an interview with US immigration authorities.  This process helps to prove the status of the person applying for the green card, confirm a valid, bona fide marriage, and that the individual isn’t inadmissible to the country based on financial, criminal, or medical reasons.