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Mid Autumn festival

Asian singles love their moon cake

Meeting Asian singles at local festivals in China is a great way to meet a potential partner. Festivals are usually a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is enjoying the local customs, food and having plenty of fun. Speaking of food, have you ever tried moon cake?

Moon cakes and tea

With a lunar eclipse upon us, we thought it would be fitting to discuss Asian singles and their love of moon cake. In case you were wondering, moon cake isn’t something from outer space. It’s a type of special cookie associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In most cases, the traditional moon cake is round and depicts the legends of the festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunion, and in Chinese, the words for “round” and “reunion” are very similar, hence the shape of the cookie. During the celebration, people sacrifice moon cakes to the moon as special offerings and also present them to loved ones for good luck.

Although the cookie is pretty simple, there is a little more to learn about the infamous moon cake. There are actually four types: Beijing-, Suzhou-, Guangdong- and Yunnan-style. The fillings can vary, but the most common is five kernels, sweet bean paste, lotus seed paste, jujube paste and egg yolk.

If you want to enjoy a moon cake, it’s helpful to have a cup of tea. Flower teas usually accompany such a sweet confection perfectly, but if you have a saltier version, reach for the oolong tea instead. Don’t forget the napkins because moon cakes are usually pretty oily!