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Online Asian Dating

What not to put in your online Asian dating profile

Have you finally decided to give online Asian dating a try?  Good for you!  Now it’s time to get serious and get to work on your profile.  You’ll need a little more than a recent, flattering picture of yourself.  Your photo and the accompanying profile is the first impression you’re going to make on potential love interests, so be sure to give it a fair amount of attention.


Believe it or not, there are a few things you’ll want to leave out of your online Asian dating profile.  Follow these general guidelines to ensure that your chances of snagging a potential mate are increased:

  • Honesty is the best policy.  Don’t lie.  Eventually, the truth will come out, and even if you’ve been getting along swimmingly online, she won’t believe a thing you say after your lies have been exposed.  Be honest about what you do, your age, and your intentions.  You don’t have to tell every little secret, but you shouldn’t be deceptive, either.
  • Keep the personal stuff personal.  Online dating can be a great way to meet the love of your life, but it can also be a playground for con artists, so be wary.  These people are still strangers, so be careful about what you post in your profile.  Don’t put your home or work address, phone number, or personal email address into the system.  Don’t even include your last name; you can always share those things later.
  • Avoid vague generalizations.  Sure, everyone likes to have fun and listen to music, but what does that mean specifically?  Your profile should give interested parties a little insight into who you are, so feel free to mention your favorite movies, books, and musical acts.  If you love sky diving, by all means include that!


By keeping these guidelines in mind when you’re writing – or editing – your online dating profile, you’ll possibly be unlocking the door to love.

How to find Chinese women online

Do you need to know how to find Chinese women online.  Lots of American men want to date Asian women but just aren’t sure how to go about it.  Dating can be hard, and we know that you’ll take every tip you can get!

Online Dating

Here are some really easy steps on How to find Chinese women online.

  • Sign up.  The first thing you can do is sign up for an online dating site specializing in Chinese women.  The respectable dating sites will allow visitors to view women, but you must join in order to contact any of them.  Just remember, there will be a monthly fee, which varies among the different sites.
  • Create your profile.  Sure, you’ll want to view as many of your potential dates’ profiles as possible, but you also need to create one for yourself.  Take a little time to do it right.  Think about what you want to say and include some recent photographs of yourself.
  • Reach out to potential mates.  You’re looking for love, so you must contact those you are interested in; otherwise, you’ll just be looking at pictures of Chinese women.  You can do this by using the site’s general interest indicator or sending a more detailed message.
  • Consider your options.  You can send messages to as many ladies as you like, but it’s always a good idea to choose a few to have deeper communications with.  Go ahead and email, instant message, and video chat until you find that special someone!
  • Arrange the first date.  Once you’ve got the conversation going, it might be time to set up a first date.  If you are both living in the same area, this will be easy.  If not, one of you will likely need to make travel plans.  If she is living in China, it might be easier for you to travel there because it is much easier for Westerners to get a visa. 

Hopefully, following these tips will lead you to the love of your life.  Good luck!