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Insider tips on dating single Asian women

If you are looking for some insider tips on dating single Asian women, you’ve come to the right place.  Although China is a huge country with many different regions and ethnic groups, their heritage is based on a common culture and value system that puts a lot of emphasis on family, honor, and hard work.

asian dating

For men who don’t know much about the culture and customs, dating a Chinese woman might seem a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some insider tips to help you make the most of the experience:

  • The parents.  Chinese parents are not unlike Western parents; they want the best for their children and have high expectations.  However, when it comes to Chinese dating, there is a little more parental pressure to find the ideal mate.  Most parents emphasize the importance of a respectable career, financial stability, and a good upbringing.
  • Stereotypes.  Thanks to the media, a lot of American guys have certain stereotypes in their heads about dating single Asian women.  Not all Chinese women are submissive and live to serve their men.  These are modern women, after all.  Don’t fall prey to blatant generalizations about the culture and customs.
  • Dating practices.  Just like in any culture, having things in common makes dating a bit easier.  Sharing in basic upbringing, food, and traditions is always a good way to make a connection, but it isn’t the only way.  If you want to date a Chinese woman, make the effort to learn about her culture.
  • Interracial dating.  Contrary to popular belief, Chinese women are not against dating men of different races.  The respect and honor that the Chinese require of anyone is a two-way street.  With mutual appreciation, a little patience, and a lot of understanding, cultural obstacles can be overcome.

Green card tips for men marrying single Asian women

For many American men, marrying single Asian women is a reality, but getting a green card for that new spouse can be a challenge.  There are a number of special instructions for permanent residents and US citizens that want to petition for a fiancée or spouse from China.

US citizenship

Often, when US residents look into marrying single Asian women, they want to find out how to bring their new spouse to the country for a long and happy life together.  Getting a green card is an important part of this – the green card indicates that a person is a lawful permanent resident.

On a very basic level, marrying a US citizen or lawful permanent resident allows foreign-born people a direct link to US immigration.  However, simply getting married doesn’t guarantee a green card to any person despite common belief.  What does happen when a US citizen marries a foreigner is that the new spouse becomes an ‘Immediate relative’ and may get a green card once the application process is complete – this can take several months.

Getting a green card is a pretty involved process with multiple steps, which include submitting forms and providing a lot of different documentation.  The person applying for the green card must also attend an interview with US immigration authorities.  This process helps to prove the status of the person applying for the green card, confirm a valid, bona fide marriage, and that the individual isn’t inadmissible to the country based on financial, criminal, or medical reasons.

Meet single Chinese women and go to Beijing

You don’t have to travel to Beijing to meet single chinese women.  In fact, this is something you can do through an online Chinese dating site.  However, if you find yourself lucky in love with a woman from China, chances are you might be making a trip to her native land.  And when you do, you may want to visit Beijing – one of the most interesting and exciting cities in the world.

great wall of china

Beijing is filled with all sorts of sights and sounds – it is a city you won’t soon forget once you’ve arrived.  Did you know though that it also has some great places to stay on a romantic vacation? So, after you meet single chinese women and you want to head to Beijing, consider these places:

  1. Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing – This joint venture of America, Italy, Portugal, and China is a relaxing place where you and your lady can simply unwind by walking among the beautiful buildings or enjoying a glass of wine.  Just a 30-minute drive from downtown Beijing, this European-style hotel has it all.
  2. The Commune by the Great Wall – Furnished with modern appeal, this place offers romance with a unique twist.  The modern grouping of architecture near the historic Great Wall is the perfect place to kick back and relax with your special someone.  Be sure to stick around for a delicious and romantic lunch!
  3. Summer Palace Beijing – Originally a royal garden as well as a temporary residential palace for the emperors of the Qing Dynasty, this hotel is found just northwest of Beijing.  The stunning Kunming Lake makes for the perfect romantic setting, even if you are just staying the night.

There really is no shortage of romantic places in which to stay in Beijing.  Take the suggestions above or do some research to find your own romantic escape.

Chinese dating is more than just courting a Chinese lady

You’ve probably figured out that Chinese dating is a little different than dating a girl from almost anywhere else in the world.  There are cultural barriers that you may never have even thought of.


In an effort to help you combat these cultural barriers with as little confusion and embarrassment as possible, we’ve put together a list of some really helpful hints.  Just remember, this list isn’t exhaustive, but it will help you understand Chinese dating a little more than you did yesterday.

  1. Be responsive, especially with online dating.  Lots of Chinese women may seem shy during the dating process, but they still pay attention to how you court them.  So, if you receive an email or online message, be sure to respond that same day.
  2. In China, things such as your general health, family situation, and age are not private matters.  Do not be offended if a Chinese woman asks you questions about them.
  3. The same goes for financial matters.  In China, financial status and income are not necessarily private issues.
  4. Many Chinese women will be interested in your education and will probably ask you right away.  If she speaks English well, this usually means she is very well educated in her own right.
  5. Remember, if you have communicated only via email, some of those written messages may have been translated into English.  When you do speak on the phone, don’t make her feel embarrassed by her efforts – embrace them, and try your hand at Chinese.
  6. Never use the phrase, ‘I love you,’ unless you mean it.
  7. Lots of Chinese women do not drink, so when it does come time to meet up, it might be worth an invitation to dinner or coffee rather than to a bar.
  8. If you are the guy, you will be expected to pay for most meals and dates.  This is simply tradition.