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Chinese dating for senior men

Things like early retirement, longer life expectancy, and rising divorce rates in Western countries might have contributed to the increase in Chinese dating among seniors in the past few years.  Single seniors usually know what they want: a life partner with similar interests.


Online Chinese dating allows single seniors the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.  In fact, many Chinese women are open to the idea of meeting and falling in love with an older man.  This is because they typically place a higher value on things like honesty, stability, maturity, and commitment rather than a certain age.  This means that Chinese women are more tolerant of such age differences.

In some cases, Chinese women are actually looking for an older husband.  In China, older men aren’t considered creepy; they are considered more loving, caring, and experienced.  A 20- or 30-year difference is not uncommon, so it shouldn’t be surprising for older men to receive interest from younger Chinese women.

However, despite the notion that many Chinese women are interested in older men, seniors should be careful when opting to date a younger woman because there is also the risk of a lack of common interests.  Additionally, immigration issues and parental approval might also become a problem.  In some cases, it might be better for senior singles to look for other single seniors.

It is important to remember that many Chinese dating sites don’t cater only to young singles but also to many mature Chinese women who are looking for love.