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How are Chinese girls supposed to speak?

At first, many Western men might perceive Chinese girls to be rude, but their manner of speaking can actually be attributed to a difference in culture.

Chinese speech

Speaking volumes

In China, conversations out in public can seem quite loud and boisterous, especially to those who aren’t used to it. In many cases, it sounds like these people are arguing loudly.  However, when it comes down to gender roles, what is expected of Chinese girls and guys is very different. Chinese etiquette states that the ideal way for women to speak is to do so quietly with one’s head slightly bowed. Men who speak loudly are not considered to have bad manners.

Have you eaten?

There are also differences when it comes to greeting an individual. Inappropriate greetings are frowned upon. Between acquaintances and strangers as well as on formal occasions, the Mandarin greeting “Ni Hao,” which means, “You good?” is typical. In more familiar settings, a greeting that roughly translates to “Have you eaten?” is used. This is a great example of just how central food is to Chinese people.

Shaking hands

A traditional handshake involves interlocking fingers and waving the hands up and down a few times. This isn’t as widely used today as it once was, but it is still used in formal settings such as funerals and weddings. Modern Chinese people shake hands much like those in the West do.