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Are subservient Chinese girls a myth?

We all know that there are a lot of stereotypes out there about Chinese girls, including that they are often subservient when it comes to their personal relationships with men.  We’ve also heard that some stereotypes are based at least partly in truth.

Racial stereotypes

What does “subservient” actually mean?  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word is an adjective describing someone who is “very willing or too willing to obey someone else.”  If you’ve met any Chinese girls, you might have already realized that this definition does not work for most of them.

If this stereotype has any truth to it at all, it might come from the fact that the Chinese culture is very male-dominated.  In the most traditional and stereotypical sense, Chinese women are expected to serve their men.  Chinese women are also expected to keep quiet and not draw attention to their thoughts or openly disagree with their husbands.

This subservient woman might have been prominent in years past, but today, young Chinese women are more empowered than ever, which might make them even more attractive to Western men.

It is important to remember that stereotypes can be hurtful, and as you date Chinese women, you should keep that in mind.  They can even be damaging to self-esteem and they cause many misconceptions about a particular group.  Although it can be hard to get such ideas out of your head, make an effort so that you do not jeopardize a potentially long and rewarding relationship.