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Chinese dating history lesson: The passing of T.H. Tsien

A Chinese dating relationship can provide a lot more than companionship and romance; you might even learn a little bit about another culture. One example is T.H. Tsien, scholar of the Chinese written word.

Tsien passed away at the age of 105 on April 9. He risked his life in 1941 by smuggling thousands upon thousands of rare volumes during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai. Since around that time, he became associated with the University of Chicago and was an emeritus professor of East Asian languages and civilizations.


Although he was the author of scores of articles and books, many of which were published in English, Tsien is most widely known for his expertise on the history of writing in China. One of his favorite facts was that moveable type was in China centuries before Gutenberg.

Professor Tsien was born in China during the reign of its last emperor and worked in secret to protect the precious volumes, many of which dated back to the first millennium B.C. The story of his efforts is actually quite fascinating as he covertly packed 30,000 books in 102 wooden crates associated with hundreds of fake invoices.

When he was asked why he took on a secret identity to smuggle the volumes out of China during wartime, his response was always simply, “It was my duty.”

As you explore the many facets of Chinese dating, take the time to learn about the arts, culture, and history of your new potential partner, and you will find plenty of fascinating information.