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Some Chinese ladies have interesting superstitions

Some Western men who date Chinese ladies might be surprised when they hear that a dinosaur exhibit in Beijing has been turned into a wishing well. When you date someone from another culture, their customs and superstitions might seem strange to you, and this is certainly one of those times.

At the Museum of Natural History in Beijing, visitors have begun tossing money at the skeleton of a dinosaur in hopes of getting good fortune and health in return.


Conservationists have criticized the museum for allowing people to put coins and bills through the gaps in the glass display case, arguing that these acts could damage the fossilized Lotosaurus adcentus. The museum doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and has not made an effort to stop the wishing well activities.

Zhou Ying, director of the museum, doesn’t see the harm in it and cannot see how the “dinosaur wishing well exhibit” could be detrimental to the fossil itself. “Believers might be tossing coins in the container for health or wealth purposes,” he explains.

Archaeologists have a much stronger opinion, and some have even denounced the museum for these practices. Many people feel the same way, claiming that this could lower the museum’s cultural level and might even diminish people’s appreciation of the exhibit.

As interesting and strange as this phenomenon may be, it is worth considering other superstitions that Chinese ladies – and men – might have. The differences between Chinese culture and Western culture are vast, so before entering into a romantic relationship, we recommend learning as much about the other’s culture and customs as possible. The dinosaur exhibits across the land thank you!

What single Asian women like about western men

Why is it that so many single Asian women seek out western men for romantic relationships?

There are a number of reasons why Asian women prefer western men. Sometimes it is to do with their social or economic status, or else the attraction may lie in the perception that they are not as desirable to their local male counterparts. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that a considerable number of Asian women are dating, and marrying, western men.

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The face of beauty

Many western men find Asian women, especially those from China, particularly attractive and exotic. Because of this attraction, Chinese women who feel that they do not meet the standards of beauty at home may opt for foreign suitors who might find them more desirable. Women who find themselves to be mediocre in appearance by Chinese standards are often considered gorgeous among westerners. Lucy Liu, who has been regarded to be one of the world’s most beautiful television and movie actresses in the United States, for example, is seen as ‘a little bit ugly’ in China.

Leftover women

In China, it is commonplace for women to be married by the age of 28 and if she is still unmarried by then, she is often considered to be a ‘leftover’ woman. Often, these women have pursued education and careers rather than romance and marriage. Unfortunately for them, many Chinese men will find them undesirable because they have not married, so they turn to western men for love.

Purity and age

As with China’s ‘leftover’ women, those who have reached the age of 30 and are no longer virgins will be found undesirable by the majority of Chinese men. Divorced women with children are also less desirable. In most surveys, age and virginity are the least important factors for Chinese women when looking for a man, but the opposite is true of Chinese men seeking women. Western men often do not see these factors as a negative when dating women.


In China, education and family background play a large part in one’s desirability, especially to men. Women from poor families often have little chance of marrying anyone outside of their current social status, which is one of the reasons they might be attracted to western men. Bear in mind that almost 65% of China is agricultural, which means that a majority of the country’s women are from these poorer families.

Thanks to online dating sites, Asian women who are interested in dating western men now have an even better chance of finding that special someone. The Internet has made the world a lot smaller and given opportunities to people that they would not otherwise have been afforded in the past. So, regardless of the reasons why an Asian woman might want to be in a relationship with a western man, she now has a good chance!

The do’s and don’ts of Asian dating

When it comes to Asian dating, there are a lot of cultural differences between western men and Chinese women and this can make the relationship particularly challenging. Dating across cultures is never easy, but it is possible with a little effort!

Dating someone, after all, is about finding that special someone, making a connection, and maybe even spending the rest of your life with that person! So, to reduce that cultural burden, here are a few do’s and don’ts that every western man should know about Asian dating.

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The do’s

On the first few dates, it is particularly important to be polite and gentle. Most Chinese women will not allow you to see the ‘real her’ until she has gotten to know you a lot better. This is particularly true of Chinese women when looking for love via online dating sites. Typically, they want a cross-cultural relationship, which is often completely different than dating someone from China.

Another helpful hint is to be generous with the compliments, but not overly so. Chinese women go to great lengths to be as beautiful as possible on romantic dates, so the effort should not go unnoticed. Because they want to make a good impression, a compliment will go a long way.

When dating a Chinese woman, it is important that you contribute to the conversation, perhaps taking the lead in the discussion every now and then. Chinese women often prefer talkative, confident men who have something interesting to say. And remember, some Chinese women may take a while to open up and be as talkative as they would be with an old friend, so give it a little time.

The don’ts

Although, as mentioned, Chinese women want a confident western man, being over confident can be a problem. Modesty is a virtue in the Chinese culture, so you should do your best to heed that rule. It is never a good idea to show off your superiority to others or to talk down to anyone else.

In western societies, dating often moves quite quickly from one stage to the next, but this is not always the case in China. Many Chinese women prefer to take the relationship step-by-step. This means that you might not always get a kiss on the first date, and if you should try, you might find that you will scare her away. The key is to pay attention to her cues and never assume.

Another thing to remember when dating a Chinese woman is to know that it is up to you – the man – to reach out and request the next date. In western dating scenarios, women often call to arrange the second date, but this is a big no-no in China. Do not assume that she will call you up if she wants to see you again because the chances are she will be waiting for your call.

Although these are not all of the ‘do’s and don’ts of Asian dating, they are a good start. So, have fun and good luck!

Dating etiquette and sex: single Chinese women versus western men

When it comes to the way dating etiquette and sexual intercourse are viewed, there are many differences between single Chinese women and western men. There are so many western men who are interested in dating Chinese women, that it actually behooves us to understand and appreciate these differences.

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Thanks to such fundamental cultural differences, western men are often shocked by the way that Chinese girls view certain elements of the romantic relationship, especially when it comes to sex. In an effort to avoid embarrassing misunderstandings, it is a good idea for western men to learn as much as they can about romantic relationships in China before they begin dating a Chinese woman.

Love, sex and marriage

In China, dating is a serious business and casual sex is practically non-existent. In the West, this is not the case. Many Americans, for example, date several people simultaneously and have a much freer sense of sexual relationships. In recent years, pre-marital sex has become less of a taboo in China’s larger cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, but this new view has not become the norm in smaller villages where traditional views still reign. That being said, western men should not be surprised to meet a thirty-year-old virgin if she has never been married.

There is a paradox, however, when it comes to a Chinese woman’s virginity. It is not so unusual for a woman to engage in pre-marital sex – even on the second or third date – if she views her mate as a potential marriage partner. Pre-marital sex, in fact, is often viewed as a binding deal maker, meaning that if a woman has sex with a man whom she is only dating, his feelings are mutual when it comes to wanting marriage as the next step. It is important for western men to be open and honest in this situation.

Family involvement

Another surprising element of dating Chinese women is that it is often a family affair. In many cases, a woman’s parents will play matchmaker and set her up with a suitable young man. This, however, is not always the case. Sometimes, a woman will seek out her own potential partner. When this occurs, she probably will not discuss the men she is seeing with her mother, girlfriends, or anyone else for that matter. If a woman is serious about a man, however, she will discuss him with her mother.

So, if a Chinese girl asks you home to meet her family, she is quite serious about the relationship. In the West, this move is often the formal engagement announcement. In China, it is assumed.

A good rule of thumb is never to agree to meet her family if you are not also considering marriage.

Social consequences of dating western men

It should be known that when a Chinese woman has dated a foreign man, or even lived with him, her chances of future marriage to a Chinese man have been cut dramatically. Most traditional Chinese men will not even consider a woman who has had a foreign boyfriend, whether or not she remains a virgin. There is a strong bias against foreigners for many traditional Chinese people when it comes to romance and marriage.