Is there such a thing as submissive Asian dating?

In recent years, Asian dating has become highly desired by many American men.  Is this phenomenon due to growing tolerance in society and an increasing acceptance of diversity, or is it because of the stereotype that all Asian women are submissive and subservient?


The short answer is that both explanations have some merit.  Interracial relationships, especially those from Asian dating, are more prevalent than ever, and such relationships are quite common.  In fact, many of these relationships lead to marriages and long, happy lives together.  However, some people might argue that the stereotype of the submissive Asian woman has helped contribute to this prevalence.

For those who are unfamiliar with the aforementioned stereotype, some people believe that Asian women are meek, innocent creatures who will do anything that a man requests.  The stereotypical role is that they serve their husbands and make sure that he comes first – never arguing and always serving.  This stereotype is emphasized in film and television, but is it really accurate?

The truth of the matter is that Asian women are not one-dimensional characters whose every action is decided by what a man tells them to do.  Asian women are strong and beautiful, and they all have their own thoughts and opinions.  In fact, some of them are so strong-willed that they seem to be the polar opposite of the type of woman the stereotype implies!

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