Using a Chinese dating site online? Tips for learning Chinese

Using a Chinese dating site online can be a great way to meet that someone special, but it can also present a few challenges when it comes to communication.  Often, the language barrier becomes an issue.


In many cases, the women on a Chinese dating site online typically do have some English skills; some are much better at writing in English than speaking it, but they do have skills nonetheless.  It is the Western men that usually don’t have any Chinese language skills at all.  Learning the language shows an appreciation for the country and the culture as well as respect for one’s partner.

Many individuals believe that learning to speak Mandarin – the most common Chinese dialect – is extremely difficult.  This is true in a sense, but with a little motivation and commitment, it is possible!  Learning Chinese requires a lot of work and plenty of time, but it isn’t as intellectually challenging as many English speakers think.  Here are some tips to keep in mind along the way:

  • Pronunciation.  At first, the different tones and pronunciation are definitely a challenge, but the best way to attack this is to practice, practice, practice!  Listen to recorded materials and mimic the sounds.  It may seem silly, but it works!
  • Listen.  One of the best ways to improve Chinese language skills is to spend a lot of time listening to the language.  Although this may be time consuming, it is easy to incorporate listening time while doing other activities.  For example, listen to a Chinese podcast while doing the dishes or taking a run.
  • Vocabulary.  Just like many kids do in school, make flashcards of common Chinese words and study that vocabulary.  If old-fashioned flashcards aren’t appealing, there are a number of software programs that do the same thing.

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